Your Tomorrow Alone
Ordinary Lives

1. Renaissence
2. Praise For Nothing
3. The Essence Of Gloom
4. Guilty
5. Bursting Hope
6. Far From The Sight
7. One Last Breath
8. Agony (praeludium)
9. In Silence

Marco Priore - Guitar
Gianpiero Sica - Bass, vocals
Giovanni Costabile - Keyboard
Daniele Ippolito - Drums
Giovanni Sorgente - Vocals
Eugenio Mucio -Growlin' Vocals


Laura Costabile - vocals
Lorenzo Leo - guitar
Fabio Calluori - guitar

Produced, recorded and mixed by Fabio Calluori & Your Tomorrow Alone at Sonic Temple Studio, Salerno, Italy
Mastered by Luca Martello at H-Sound
All music by Marco Priore except Agony (Praeludium) written by Giovanni Sorgente
All lyrics by Daniele Eduardo Ippolito and Eugenio Mucio
All songs arranged by Your Tomorrow Alone
Cover and back artwork by Sergio Monfrinotti
Layout by Fransesco Palumbo at MKM Graphics

Released 16/1-2012
Reviewed 22/12-2012

my kingdom music

Your tomorrow will be alone says italian gothic metallers of Your Tomorrow Alone, their debut is this album which is called Ordinary Lives and is speaking about your lives. It is a debut album with an attractive album cover and in the envelope there were some positive press quotes from the international press of Italy. This is also an album that I havoe had around for a long time but for some reason it is an album that has been falling between the cracks which is why it has taken me a while to finish this review of the album. But now I am finally done with the listening and now as the world failed to end yesterday I am writing the review. So, what more is there to say about these guys? Well not that much is in the press info but it is said that they are working hard doing live work to promote their debut album and they do it with some known names as well. Quite frankly though, I do not care for that rubbish as the only thing that matters to me is the quality of the music, nothing else.

And the music is as already stated, gothic metal. A sense of the morose, a sense of darkness is what we are offered by these guys. Strange trees is another thing we get at least from looking at the cover artwork. The vocals vary between some clean and some growlin’ ones, and there is a strong dynamic between the two. The production is strong as well, modern and clean yet very powerful and not plasticky, an impressive production I think we can describe it as. I would also say that it sounds a lot more mature than a debut album, one can definitely easily believe that it is not a first album as it sounds like one from a band that has been around for way longer than three years. The album’s nine tracks are decently varied and the 51 minute playing time is within the limit of what you can survive.

I think this is a very good album, the songs and melodies flow by very nicely and the songs grab your attention and they are quite catchy as well. Thing is though that the growls could have been better, they are quite generic as are the clean vocals, but the songs and the music is good enough to deflect you attention from that and just absorb you into the music. I like this album as it is exciting, relatively fresh and very good. Especially the opening song which is a real attention grabber but the rest of the songs connects really well with it as well. All that rubbish I just wrote means that it is a solid and strong album that will most likely appeal to anyone who is a fan of good music.

Maybe it is not the best gothic metal album I have ever heard but it is clearly one of the best this year and and an album that will most likely appeal to more or less anyone as it is such a well written and well performed album, with better vocals it might have been somewhat better but that also means that this is a great album and that there is room for improvements for this band’s future offerings. I can recommend this as a christmas gift, for anyone you have yet to buy one.



Label: My Kingdom Music/K2 Music Management
Three similar bands: Paradise Lost/Anathema/My Dying Bride
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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