No Retreat

1. Pump It Up
2. Love Is All Around
3. Sock It To Me
4. Get Down To It
5. Shot of You
6. Heat of the Passion
7. Save Your Lies
8. Feel Thang
9. Find A Way
10. Taste Of Your Lovin'
11. Back In My Life
12. Coming Home
13. My One and Only
14. Don't Play With My Head
15. You've Gotta Go
16. I Love You

Bobby Sisk- Lead Vocals
Jeff Diehl- Guitars & Vocals
Eric Saylors- Guitars & Vocals
Danny William- Keyboards & Vocals
Kyle Koker- Bass & Vocals
Kevin Kale- Drums



Originally recorded, produced and mixed in 1989.

Released 9/10-2012
Reviewed 26/9-2012

eonian records

Well, yesterday it was Kane Roberts second album from 1991 and we will keep walking down memory lane in a way, this album was actually recorded all the way back in 1989 and the band has as far as I know nothing to do with the movie with the same name. It was actually recorded and mixed and everything for Sony/Epic but it was never released, until now. October nine is the date that all the Youngblood fans have been waiting for, for a long time. Other than said facts there isn’t too much info on this band, they don’t seem to have a website or anything like that but there might be one hidden somewhere, after all I am not doing the same archeological digging as the label Eonian Records does for their releases which are said to be high quality unreleased material that deserved to be released but never was. Well, we will see about that.

I think this is quite classical eighties hair metal type music, many says it is reminiscent of Slughter and maybe it is. The singer has a voice that probably shatters glass from time to time, it sure can hurt your eardrums if you play it too loud straight into your ear. There is quite a bit of variation over the sixteen tracks that make up this album and also a lot of energy is displayed over these tracks that lasts for just over 56 minutes. The variation is there without the album feeling incoherent which shows for good musicianship, and it does not sound dated either which shows for good production as well. So, here we have a new authentic eighties production that has never been released before, is it any good?

Well, yes it is. The songs are very powerful and catchy, they grab your attention well. The sound is authentic eighties enough to be a bit nostalgic while still feeling fresh enough to stand well on its own feet rather than ride the wave of the genre. They did record 45 tracks but only sixteen was approved by the label, maybe those other tracks are out there for a follow up record, not that I would require that because this album sure is one very good album and these are probably the best tracks why else would the label select them? Anyway, the band is probably history seeing that they don’t have a website and all of that but from the grave this band finally show us which ace they had up their sleeves but never really got the chance to play for the big jackpots. Nowadays they will probably receive quite a bit more attention than most similar bands but the big jackpots are gone today and left is the crumbs of a time when sex, drugs and rock’n’roll ruled.

This band takes us back to such a time with this album where the most brilliant tracks are named Pump it Up, Love is All Around, Sock it to Me and Heat of the Passion. I must say that it is an enjoyable album, a positive surprise and a great showing that not all treasures are found yet. If you like eighties melodic metal/rock you will be a fool not to take a closer look at this album, actually you will be dictator of Moronica if you don’t look it up.

So, with that trip down memory lane done and dusted I can conclude that Youngblood definitely deserves a place in the lines of rock music with their kick-in-the-nuts energetic hard rock music. I have enjoyed listening to this album a lot, and I can recommend you to do the same. Have a listen, there will be no retreat once you give it a go.



Label: Eönian Records/Nightmare
Three similar bands: Warrant/Slaughter/Skid Row
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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