Xander Demos

1. Right Angles
2. Nothing Major
3. Under a Darkened Sky
4. White Knuckle Driving
5. Guitarcadia
6. Woodshed Sonata
7. Boys of Summer
8. Chase the Sun
9. Metagalactic
10. Lady in Red

Xander Demos – all rhythm and lead guitars
Adam Heusey – all keyboars and sequencers
Chris Batton – Drums on all tracks except “Right Angles,” “Boys of Summer” and “Lady in Red”
Mike Stover – Drums on “Right Angles”
Matt Williams – bass
Kevin Rasel – vocals on “Under a Darkened Sky”
Mike Sciullo - vocals on “Boys Of Summer”
Dean Minerva – Drums on “Boys Of Summer”



Produced by Xander Demos
mixed and mastered by CJ Snare of Firehouse

Released 24/8-2012
Reviewed 15/10-2012

rock n growl

Well, it seems that the guitar “heroes” are coming thick and fast for me at the moment, Vai, Weiss and now a guy called Xander. I have no idea about anything about this guy and as I did not really feel up to it I didn’t really read the promo text either but he is apparently inspired by everything that any other musician is interested in. Guitarcadia would seem to indicate what it is all about but is it?

It is two sort of normal songs with vocals and then we have eight instrumental songs which end with an instrumental cover of Chris DeBurgh’s hit Lady in Red. The soundscape has a sort of wall of sound that goes through the entire album, I think the ending song is a bit of a change from that when it gets a bit calmer and less frantic soloing. It sounds sort of typical in the vain of a self centred guitarist who just want to show off their fingering skills. Some call it masturbation and why not, it is what it is. I would say that there isn’t really that much different or special about this and the question I believe many will ask is why they should take the time listening to this, so why should you?

I have no idea as this album is boring, and sleep inducing. It is too much “look-at-me-how-great-I-am” and Xander is really better playing his guitar than he is writing songs or selecting covers to play on his album. I have really no idea what is the point of all these boring albums that are just oriented around playing skills rather than the songs and the only time it really feels like something to have is when the songs have vocals but not even then it is particularly interesting. It feels like something of a self indulgence rather than something meant for anyone to buy, but of course I might be wrong considering the fact that I don’t really care that much for instrumental music and self-righteous “guitar heroes”.

Not really my cup of tea this instrumental rock music, especially not when it is all about soloing in the fastest possible way. Sure Xander is a good guitarist but so are Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi and you don’t here them masturbating to show that they are, you can be good without showing off. But the main problem is not really that, it is the songs which just aren’t good enough and I think we can deduce that Xander isn’t a particularly good songwriter. No this album might appeal to those into instrumental things, who like guys like Steve Vai or Yngwie Malmsteen or something like that but the rest of us do best to avoid this, unless of course we need to fall asleep in a hurry. I did add a video that in the medley contains a much funnier version of Lady in Red.



Label: Rock N Growl Records
Three similar bands: Steve Vai/Joe Satriani/Adrian Weiss
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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