A Tell Tale Heart

1. Immortal
2. Transformis Ligeia
3. A Perfect Storm
4. Valkyrie Cry
5. Neon Knights
6. Last Holy King
7. In Staccata
8. Not Sane
9. Seven Shades of Winter
10. The Pit or The Pendulum
11. Usher in The Twilight

London Wilde - Lead Vocals
Dave Starr -Lead Guitar / Bass
Josh Frazer- Drums

Arrival (2009)


Produced by Vynce Leff
Mastered by Mathieu Gillon and Vynce Leff at 120dB Studio
Artwork by X-Nihilo Design, Les Créations Vultus and Florent Cuaz

Released 30/10-2012
Reviewed 18/10-2012

scarlet records

When I earlier today reviewed Soleil Moon there was talk of another day of déjà vi which is exactly what this is, where have I hard it before? Crimson Glory is the answer, falsetto screaming, busy music and clichéd metal stuff is just what we get here. Crimson Glory did it well but the voice of the girl called London who sings in this band is not as exciting as Midnight’s who does become annoying with time as well. Considering the fact that their music is said to be inspired by the texts of Edgar Allan Poe which can only mean that they are inspired by the satiric and ironic texts that Poe was quite known for, although the cover seems to be pointing towards the horror stuff rather than that.

They are said to be for fans of bands like Crimson Glory, Queensrÿche and Savatage of which I can understand the first one but the other two are really strange. The music is busy with a lot going on, the performances are very good but the songwriting and production leaves a lot to desire. The vocals are the biggest problem where London only sings in the higher regions which becomes annoying very fast, and it is creating a headache that is even more annoying. The music is not varied at all either and the album feels as it is an eternity long while being only 47 minutes long.

There are some good stuff going on for this album, just deriving inspiration from what Poe has written is a witness of some good taste but not a guarantee for anything. The songs are somewhere relatively good but this band has forgotten that songs needs room for the listener to breathe at times and on this album there is no such room which makes the album very busy and pair that with the terrible vocals of the capital of Great Britain and you have a headache in progress.

Having listened to this album around ten times now I find that the most difficult thing for me is to bear with London’s high pitch vocals that sounds quite masculine as well (that lady’s got balls) for the entire album, it becomes more and more irritating the further it goes and I have played the first five songs more than twice as many times as the last five as I usually change after being bored at five songs. This album is just too much cliché and too much of a metal stereotype for my liking but if you like such things and like to parenthesise band names after a person’s name you will probably like this, reviewers who falls into that stereotype I just wrote sure does as the rating seems to quite high around the web. There are lots of things that should have been different with this album but now I am done and can finally turn the album off and enjoy a good pounding migraine which is a whole lot better than listening to the album.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Crimson Glory/Queensryche/Vicious Rumors
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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