Pipe Dreams

1. Reverse
2. Junebouvier
3. Bogus
4. Flashback
5. Formulas And Frequencies
6. Home Is Where My Head Is
7. Toss
8. Hide
9. Wait
10. Reverie

Nick Bassett (Guitars)
Alexandra Morte (Vocals & Keyboard)
Joseph Bautista (guitar)
Sergio Miranda (drums)
Loren Rivera (guitar & vocals)
Eddie Salgado (bass)




Released 16/3-2012
Reviewed 7/5-2012

tee pee

A fairy, small and thin, is jumping around in a short and sparkly half transparent skirt over a white set of stockins, dancing on flowers in pastel colours and bathing in the rain collected inside the flowers. She's giggles and skips along with her blonde hair up and arms dancing in the air while she sings "Lala dada nana dodo blabla". Soon she takes off in to the air, leaving the petal behind as her half transparent wings fluttering so fast that you can't even see them, just like the wings on humming birds. And as the night falls she and every other fairy are dancing with wreaths around their hair singing fairytales.

Whirr feels as weird musically as my beginning feels weird in a review. They play music and sings something that isn't really connected to anything in our reality. It's a dreamy, unreal sound and the music is returning to the same spot over and over, treating the same emotions and same feeling back and forth in a surrealistic way - just as if it had been a dream. The same story is repeated in different skits and we find our way through almost identical landscapes with equatorial vegetation and charcters from fantasy stories. The vocals are almost fairylike and mostly nonsens and crooning without real words. Almost like a series om mumbling from women with very high pitched voices heard through a window when you're standing outside and hear some street musicians in the distance playing Mongolian folk hymns and the women mumbling are standing inside the window humming Greek pop tunes while cleaning.

The music is clealy stuck at square one throughout the entire album, stomping slowly a bit deeper in to the ground on which it stands - but then this is Shoegaze music and that's quite characteristic for this genre. I, on the other hand, wish it got somewhere but all it does is being mystical and unserious. I really have a hard time to see people that thinks this is good and musicians that with things like this aiming to make an album that really kicks ass, but then again I've checked around and there's plenty of good reviews for this album. I think this is pure elevator music - mostly unemotional noise with weak harmonies, melodies and rhythms. Too me, it feels very strange that they've bothered to put titles on the songs as it would have been enough to simply call the one, two, three and so on - who can judge which song is which and what the songs are about anyway? The same emotion, story and feel is all over the entire album, no track excepted and it's not that I feel disgusted and that it's painfull or annoying to play the album but it feels so damn screwed up and confused and without any kind of sense anywhere. Like it's well played music and well sung vocals but then muffled it by putting a wall or house or forest between you and the music and this is what I can't get my head around.

This 37 minutes long album with ten tracks has got stuck in some sort bla-bla universe without direction, thought or control. A story that's going nowhere and doesn't appeal any of your emotions, senses or bodily language but will work pretty decent in the background or to play without active listening. In other words, I don't think it's completely shit but I would only chose this album to play voluntarily if I wanted some sort of fill sounds, never for the pure purpose of listening to music because in that sense it's quite useless. This is also the reason for the low score, it's not a pure dislike, but I just can't see this album fulfilling the whole idea of music - something to play and enjoy whenever, wherever or at least in the right context. The only context for this album is when you don't want to listen to music, just hear some sounds because it's too uninteresting to be interesting. Too featherheaded to be heading anywhere. Too bad to be good, yet too good to be bad. A pretty pointless album (in more senses than one) and I just can't get my head around it at all. Maybe that means I'm the stupid one? Maybe… but 'Pipe Dreams' ends firmly at a fail either way!




Label: Tee Pee/Gordeon
Three similar bands: My Bloody Valentine/Ride/Slowdive
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm

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