Damnatio Ad Bestias

1. Invocation of Lust
2. The Holy Orifice
3. Blasfemia
4. Rites of Inversion
5. Circle of Sodomy
6. Vomit Falls Upon Salvation
7. Devourment of...
8. Submission to Beasts
9. Flesh Ritual
10. BoneTempleMarch
11. ThySacredLamb
12. Whoresavior

Ghoat (instruments & vocals)

Warvomitdeathworship (demo 2008)
Sodominate (Demo 2009)

Satanvomit (Drums)

Compiling all of VomitChapel's demo material featuring 2008's "WARVOMITDEATHWORSHIP," 2009's "Sodominate," and newest material, 2011

Released 13/2-2012
Reviewed 24/2-2012


I just can't understand the point with releasing an album like this and I probably never will. I don't think I'll ever understand why people chose to buy albums like this or what kind of people that decide they want to do an album like this.

On this album the vocals sound like thunder. The sound quality is so low that it's distorted into a cracking noise most of the time. The instruments can barely be heard through the mess and when they are heard it's sounds mostly like some sort of liquified gluey disarray that isn't making me feel anything at all except irritated, angry, frustrated and those kind of things. As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be any structure at all within the music. No real words are used and it doesn't seem to be played by any sort of notes or chords at all. To me it feels like they've spent half an hour putting this together on an outhouse lavatory and the humble 26 minutes the album lasts are still way too long for yours or mine attention.

Going from a melodic, well-played album, as most albums we get actually are, in to something like this feels almost like shitting in your pants in public. You don't want to do it and it's not very pleasant, if it ever happens you wouldn't really know what to do due to its unpleasantness and annoying nature. I almost feel like coming to a different planet when I play this album and it doesn't take long to realise it was a mistake to leave the space suite since the physical conditions of the planet doesn't allow humans to live there. Kind of run away fast or die…

To even call what's on this album music would be way to flattering and I would give you one of my biggest lies in this life if I said there is anything positive anywhere on this album. Most of this album is thundering noises and that's a fact - not just things I say because I don't like it. By far the worst album of the year and it would surprise me plenty (and make me kind of depressed) if any album has robbed them of that title as we summarise 2012.





Label: Osmose
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Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Recensent: Caj Källmalm

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