1. Wool Fish Love (Mountain Valley, Mountain Hills)
2. The Night is so Moonlit
3. Marichka
4. For the Fire
5. Springtime
6. Diving Deep
7. Cold and Frozen
8. Viter
9. Day Eats Day
10. Two Colors

Yulian Mytsyk – vocals, folk instruments
Sviatoslav Adept – guitar, back vocals, folk instruments
Volodymyr Derecha – guitar
Bohdan Potopalskyi – bass, back vocals
Olexandr Ignatov – keyboards
Sergiy Krasutsky – drums, back vocals



Mixed and mastered by Max Khomenko

Released 28/7-2012
Reviewed 17/10-2012


If it could only be springtime again, that is the thought that comes to mind when looking out the window at the first awful snow of the season that just has arrived (and is fortunately raining away now). Springtime is not only something of a wish of mine, it is also the title of Ukrainian band Viter’s debut album which is called Springtime (writing in circles there). In the press info we read that it is the debut album of inventors of the folk’n’dustrial genre, makes me think a little of “the grandmasters of epic symphonic Hollywood metal” but I think they are a bit afar in image and style. Clearly an interesting album at first glance considering the origin and said style of the band but also the fact that they like to use white background in their press material which is not only remnant of Hallowed, it is also more trustworthy with a light background over a dark one according to those analysing websites. And of course it is not as stereotypical as a black background would have been and they are not stereotypical in style either.

Their new genre feels as though it incorporates many different styles but industrial styled metal riffing and such is a distinct feature in their sound, as is the folk musical influences that is seen as whistles for one but also many other things, also some other less prominent influences that makes this an album that is quite varied stylistically. Some say that it is less folk music influences in this album than was to be heard in prior EP Dzherelo and the more eagle eared listener can also hear that Springtime is sung in English and not russian or whatever slavic language they used on the EP. They have quite a varied sound and the singer has quite the hefty accent and not much of a range either. The sound is good, well produced I s’pose (I was too lazy to write the entire word, saved a whole letter from suppose although it may be for effect, who knows?) you can say about it.

I think that this is a quite good album, it is clever and it is catchy, it is fun and a bit silly but it is also different and quite unique which is never a negative. Well made and well written songs fills the album but all is not brilliant however, for starters the vocals would really need to be looked at. I think they should add a female vocalist to add both depth and range to the vocals, it may work with just a singer with a better vocal range than this guy but a girl would be better. And loose the accent, it is annoying at times. Then we have tracks like Viter, Two Colors and the third track Marischka which are quite dreary ones which detracts from the entire album. Although those songs are not the main issue, the vocals are they just lack the necessary range to take this album to another level, which is a pity because it has everything it needs other than that.

There are two songs I found widely entertaining on this album, the fourth track For the Fire if quite brilliant thanks to the majestic style it offers and in this tracks even the vocals work really well in difference to all other tracks on the album. Then I also like the title tracks Springtime which is funny, catchy and entertaining, a good “feelgood” song to enjoy every time you hear it. Most other tracks are fairly good as well and this album as a whole shows a band that is not afraid to thread down other paths and find their ways, it just lacks in some areas making this a fairly good album rather than a very good one. In the end however, we can without a doubt conclude that this is the best album of the folk’n’dustrial genre, ever.



Label: Metalism Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: In Extremo/Kroda/Kings & Beggars
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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