Viper Venom
In Venom Veritas

1. Dirt In Veins
2. Distress
3. Soul Embolism
4. Hush
5. Veneral Disease
6. Schizophrenia
7. Coma
8. Infected Scar
9. Angina
10. Eva

Miriam - Vocals
Marco - Bass
Dario - Drums

Reborn From Lies (2007)
Unskinned (ep 2009)



Released 14/6-2012
Reviewed 31/8-2012

anko music

It would seem as though the old saying “in vino veritas” has been changed where the wine has become venom, maybe a little less healthy to drink. The venomous trio behind this new saying are from Italy and they really need to work on their promotional material as it was no fun thing sifting through that to find any strand of useful material. It is thirteen pages and most of it is related to each and everything this band has ever done. I did find out that this venomous album is consisting of ten vipers that are metaphors of medical conditions and everyday life situations, I also saw that the cover artwork is cool enough to be fascinating. But what about this piece of venom that we are bestowed upon today? Is it anything worth having?

Well, it always depends on your own preferences if you think it is worth anything. It is heavy metal, female fronted heavy metal. Miriam who sings in the band has a rather harsh voice for a female and that is giving the band a rather harsh sound as well, some might even call it venomous. The sound is rather harsh or shall we say that it sound rather cheap or maybe it sounds old, like it was produced with technology inferior to the one used today. Of course they might be going for the rawer sound to begin with but I am not sure anyone would like to go for a cheaper sound. Not overly heavy is it either but I think it has a fair bit of energy and a decent bit of variation this heavy metal that sounds somewhat remnant of a seventies heavy metal album.

I think the songs are fairly good, they have lots of energy and a decent bit of power. The production however is not particularly good which makes this album a bit of a handful to judge it fairly. I would say that it is overall good, it may not really be the best produced album which makes it less good than it could have been had it been better produced. But the trio still has some merit in their songwriting so the equation may only be part way solved but there is still much of interest to have a look at if you enjoy classic heavy metal, especially the one that is female fronted.

Still, the poor sound makes it less of a joy than it should have been, but the album is short with its 37 minutes which makes it a lot less bothersome with this production. The album starts in a very good way with Dirt in Veins which is a good song and the last group of songs are also very good and had it not been for the poor sound it would have been an impressive album, not I would only say that it is approved, maybe even good but nothing more than that.

And that is all I have on this album, check it out if you like female fronted classically styled heavy metal.




Label: Anko Music
Three similar bands: Meanstreak/Wench/Doro
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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