The Measure of Waste

Label: Neverheard Distro/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Ravenshades/Dirge/Blindead
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. We've Lost in Light
2. Pull the Trigger
3. ...All This Things Will End
4. Novaya Zemlya
5. Obsessed in Peace of Mine
6. Praise be to Roach
7. Flesh Dominates
8. Revelation
9. This Spring is the Last
10. Outro

Paga - Guitars
M. - Guitars
Major - Bass
Knot - Drums
Jim Jones - Vocals




Released 15/10-2012
Reviewed 6/12-2012


Hungarian band Veér paints a dystopian picture of our contemporary world, they remove hope and all of that from the picture and paints a world where everything just is and each spring is the last. They are born from a band that for some reason suicided itself, that band was called Ravenshades and then gave room for this iteration of what is in reality Ravenshades in a new costume. This is actually a rerelease of the 2009 release with the same name and it has a different cover artwork and is as the previous release in a very limited edition. The cover art bears witness of something darker, but what about the music? is it any good?

It is slow, dark with slurry growly vocals that sounds a bit derived of all hope. Like a walk through the darker side of life, and a bit like a symphony of apathy. The sound is sort of lifeless, robotic almost is another way you could describe it. It is not particularly lively or modernly produced either, it sounds like a rather cheap and low key production. Not very impressive in that regard I would say and the vocals are not that impressive either if I am honest, but this walk of apathy through the backsides of life is quite short with 36 minutes before we can return to a world of hope and more positive thoughts.

I would say that this album is not that bad, but I would say that it not that good either just a depressive piece of dullness. Alright it is better than it usually is when it comes to bands of this genre, this is alright and the atmosphere is sort of okay as well, but still it is nothing that I really prefer to listen to. I think though that this band can be called okay, or maybe we should say that it is okay but not great. But if you prefer music like this and like bands like for instance Dirge and the likes of those you will find this album entertaining or a soundtrack to be depressed to or something like that, whatever you do when listening to your favourite bands.

In the end I will have to say that this album was better than I expected but that doesn’t mean that it is a particularly good album. I would have to say though that listening to this album feels a bit like the press information describes, a morose and quite drab album that doesn’t quite impress me that much. For fans of the genre but none other I suppose you could say.



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