Die Wahrheit Liegt Dazwischen

01. Schmerz neu definiert
02. Mein Weg, mein Wille, mein Leben
03. Seite an Seite
04. Benzin
05. Paranoia
06. Dieser Traum
07. King Kongs Schwester
08. Jag' mich zum Teufel
09. Nur wenn du Träume hast
10. Leuchtfeuer
11. Alles, was ich will (Bonustrack)

Felix Orschel – Vocals, Guitar Andy Arnold – Guitar
Locke Heylmann – Bass, Vocals Christian „Bogi“ Bogert – Drums

Unherzlich Willkommen (2010)

Herzschlag (2011)

Produced by Gerhard Magin

Released 24/8-2012
Reviewed 8/8-2012



Germany’s Unherz is a busy quartet having released an album a year since the debut in 2010, this time they have decided for an ass as cover and one might wonder if that is an indication of an ass of an album as well. I know this band from their earlier two albums which I have found good but not really that spectacular, good to listen to but not that memorable overall but knowing that there is potential in this band I cannot help but feeling a bit of expectations for this album. They have a longer title this time and the word heart is not in the album title for the first time, the truth lies in between something when it comes to this, the third album in the short career of Unherz.

They sing in German like they use to, and it is straightforward rock music that is simplistic in its buildup with catchy choruses and lots of energy. Have you heard the band before you will recognise the sound on this album as well, I think a slightly richer sound and a more dynamic album are the main difference from the predecessor Herzschlag. I would say that it is a bit of worker class rock music as it is simplistic enough for a worker to understand, even the smartphone lover will understand this despite the phone making him/her stupid. But it is still sophisticated enough to also appeal to the rock fans with less simple tastes as well, so it would seem that the music is well thought through and unpolitical as well. As has been commonplace with the band’s earlier album it is a short album in today’s terms with a playing time of almost 44 minutes and eleven tracks where one is a bonus.

Not only is the cover the best one in the career of Unherz (not really that strange considering how boring covers the first two albums had), it is also the best album of their career. For the first time it feels like they are daring to really take some real creative freedoms and that has lead to a more dynamic and more interesting album and all of a sudden their music does not only have potential to be really interesting, it is interesting. The songs are catchy and has a lot of energy and I think it works really well all the way through the album which as no real weaknesses, unless you count sining in German as one.

Dieser Traum is the best track on the album and probably the best one Unherz has recorded so far, Benzin is another fiery track that burns into your mind. These are the sharpest ones but all the tracks on the album are fascinating and good and for the first time we get a really enjoyable and really good album by Unherz not just the good one that doesn’t really take off. This time they have fuelled the rockets with benzin which is why this album and the music of Unherz really take off this time, which makes this one album to really check of if you like rock music. Which in the end leads to an ending line saying that finally Unherz lives up to their potential and delivers something great.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Die Toten Hosen/Böhse Onkelz/Frei.Wild
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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