Seven Nights of Sin

1. Death By Design
2. The Wicked
3. Never Broken
4. Demon My Love
5. Redemption
6. Aiming Low
7. Together In Death
8. Take This Life
9. Darkness
10. Poison Within

Mikael "Mizzy" Carling - Bass
Peter "Zkipper" Jansson - Drums
Emma "Lash" Kronborg - Guitar
Patrik "Snakes" Ransäter - Vocals

Silence Divine (EP, 2007)



Released 2012
Reviewed 11/10-2012


Some years back one of the members of this band contacted us with some info about this band, which led to me getting some songs of theirs that they had available on their website or something like that. For some reason I did not have the time back then to write anything about them, sorry for that Emma and the rest of the band. Now however, I was sent this, their debut album this august and then I read it was released some time last year and I missed it (probably thanks to their label not sending us a copy), but it was quickly sold out but has been reprinted and hopefully there are some left for you to buy. Their cover looked fascinating and I could not really help being quite hopeful about the new songs I put in the “to review playlist” on my stupid fruit device for music.

These songs belong in the gothic metal genre, fairly typical such music it is as well. But they do have a slightly modern edge giving them a somewhat own sound, I say somewhat because you will still think of the usual suspects when hearing it. The singer sings in a typical gothic way and he does it really well, the production is also something done really well as the sound is excellent. There is a dynamic feel to it, and there is a decent bit of variation inside the framework the band has put up with their music. Ten tracks and around 38 minutes is the musical journey that is Seven Nights of Sin, typical gothic metal with excellent production is what you could call it if you want a very short description.

I think this album is excellent in most regards and the only slight negative is the fact that it sounds a bit genre typical. This means that you will not want to play it if you have already played a Him album or maybe that great Icon and the Black Roses album whatever it was called, or something like Daedalean Complex or Nox Interna just to name a few before you were to start this one. But isn’t this nitpicking and looking for flaws? you ask and sure it can be and the easy way is to just not play any of those albums before this one, then you will both want to hear it and enjoy listening to it. This album also has far more positives than negatives with all the songs being great and besides that small flaw of sounding a bit typical it has nothing else against it, it is great in every regard and I was close to awarding it a higher rating but I have still opted for the five points as that is the best fitting rating but with something more of a strong hit song and a bit of bold moves outside the box a higher rating would be appropriate, it was that close. Maybe next time.

To pick a favourite amongst the songs is quite difficult and when thinking long and hard I come to think of Aiming Low, Death by Design, Redemption, Together in Death, Demon my Love, The Wicked, Never Broken, Poison Within, Darkness and Take This Life as the best songs. The more eagle eyed reader will already have spotted that I counted all songs on the album and it is really difficult to pick that defining hit song but if I really try I think that Together in Death along with Demon My Love are the two sharpest tracks on the album but not by any kind of margin.

In the end I can state that if you like Him, you will really love this album as these guys kicks the shit out of Him, bigtime. Seven Nights of Sin is a great gothic metal album and I would say that these guys are the best gothic metallers in Sweden right now, unthreatened.



Label: Downfall Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Memento Mori/Him/To/Die/For
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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