Dig in Deep

1. Faithless
2. Love to Love
3. Here’s Hoping It Hurts
4. Battle Lines
5. The Fight Left in Me
6. Evaporate
7. Monday
8. Dig in Deep
9. Sound Off
10. Let This One Slide
11. This Is How We Say Goodbye

Danny Vaughn - Lead vocals
Brooke St. James - Lead guitar & backing vocals
Jimi Kennedy - Bass guitar & backing vocals
Michael Clayton - Drums

Don't Come Easy (1991)
Strength in Numbers (1994)
Shine (1995)
Take Out & Served Up Live (1996)
The Last Sunset - Farewell 2007 (2007)



Released 21/4-2012
Reviewed 20/4-2012


American band Tyketto seems very much like the typical band on the Frontiers label, having been around in the early nineties and eighteen years has passed since they last released something along the lines of a new album, also they were very slightly successful at their best, much like any other Frontiers band out there in the real world. So what can a moderately successful early nineties band accomplish in a time much more modern than when they were around making albums last time out. I mean at those days mobile phones required a wheelbarrow, computer performance were mentioned in terms of mega rather than giga and there were two very tall towers next to one another in New York, it was a strange world much unlike our world today when music are stolen rather than bought and so on. One thing we can notice is that the album cover looks quite boring and the album is called Dig in Deep.

Musically it is much like what happened in the past, music in the same vein as they did before. If one is mean one can say that it is business as usual for them, typical melodic rock with catchy choruses and a melodic disposition and a singer quite typical for the glam-/hair metal genre so really it is nothing new. Soundwise it is a rather typical album of glam/hair/AOR or whatever you want to call the melodic rock/hardrock, the production is good and the sound gives you no reason to complain. There are eleven tracks on this album and they do require you to spend around 45 minutes to play through it in its entirety.

Well, original and Tyketto are two words I do not think you will ever hear together unless it is this sentence I just wrote. So with no originality they have to be really good to matter and they are not that good, not bad either, but not really good, but also not really bad, or good, or bad, just quite average if you look at it as a whole. I would say that in most parts this album offers nothing new and quite frankly the point of it is quite difficult to see as we have heard it all before and many times. Thing is that they reunite and decide to make new music, so why don’t they? I mean doing the same stuff that has already been done many times before feels more like waste of space than Saturn and that is nothing I like to buy.

Sure there are some redeeming features of this album like the third tracks Here’s Hoping it Hurts and the track called Monday which is another catchy tune that hits the sweet spot of the genre, but the rest of the tracks are dreary, dull and we have heard it many times before. Sure you do not have to unique or reinvent the wheel every time you create a musical piece but it surely does not hurt, does it? Thing is though that at least more than two tracks has to be really good for it to stand out because if it hasn’t it will just drown in that massive ocean of bands and albums that makes up the genre that has to date had a lot of time to gather up its content.

So in the end the album is okay but unless you are a collector of melodic hardrock it is difficult to see a point with this album but at the same time I am quite sure you wouldn’t dislike it if you picked it up.



Label: Frontiers Records
Three similar bands: Warrant/Dokken/Trixter
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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