Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Depeche Mode/Alphaville/De/Vision
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. In Loving Memory
2. Queen Of Swoons
3. Pull The Animal's Teeth Out
4. Love & Truth
5. Acquaintance
6. Match To Friendship
7. This Damage Is Magic
8. Because You Told Me To
9. In Loving Memory (anti-707 mix)




This album was written, performed, recorded and mixed by S.Smith from a bedroom during the year 2012

Released 12/11-2012
Reviewed 26/12-2012


A certain Mr Smith contacted us at the metal/rock publication Hallowed to ask us to review his debut album which is a synthpop creation, something we for some reason has gotten a few to review here at Hallowed for some reason. And as we are incapable of saying no we did review this one as well, an album with a somewhat interesting looking cover artwork that can be bought for cheap money at the bandcamp site to which we link. Evaluations is it called and it was released about a month ago, but what shall we say about it?

We can describe it as synthpop, the creator describes it as a electronic bedroom project which could be seen as an indicator of something either poorly produced or lullaby like. But it is neither of that, it may not be as catchy as most synthpop that falls into my lap but it has more depth in the songs instead and it is not tiring music. Neither is is produced in a way that sounds lesser or cheaper than most synthpop, sure it may not sound quite as good as the absolute class acts of the genre but it is still a solid production. The vocals are solid and complements the soundscape in an excellent way, they have feel and emotion and adds a dimension to the songs that are nine if you count them and they will set you back 40 minutes if you take it all in without doing anything else. Sounds solid I think we can say that it does.

I think that this is a very good album, it has great songs, clever vocals, good musical depth and variation and it is not too long which all in all makes this a very strong album. Not heavy as most of the things we review at Hallowed but then again that was not something to expect, it is not as catchy as the genre usually is but this slightly own flair makes this a very interesting and artistic expression of music and I would say that it does not really sound like a bedroom production but then again what do I know about such productions?

I would call this a great debut albeit the production could have been somewhat better but that is nitpicking and I miss a really distinct his song as the album becomes a bit flat without such a track but as every track on the album is so good it is still an album well worthy of paying some attention to, maybe not the strongest five pointer I have reviewed but a solid one and a solid very good album well worth sinking your teeth into. A recommended album for all our readers and a debut that promises a lot of exciting musical art in the future from Mr Smith. Perhaps it is a start of something really exciting, it is good.



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