1. Up The Rivers Of The North
2. The Volga
3. North The Boundless
1. My Autumn
2. Morning
3. Ashes
1. O There On The Mountain
2. Over The River, Through The Woods (A Swallow Flew)
3. O The Spring Is In A Field

Pan - gvocal, flute
Jaromir - guitar, vocal
Kolyado - guitar
Peresvet - bass-guitar
Michail Romanov - folk instruments
Vladimir - drums
Pustosvyat - music, arrangements

Chur (Evgen Kucherov) - Vocals, Guitar, Sopilka, Drymba, Keyboards, percussion, Programming

Север Вольный

Torny Shliakh (Broken-Down Path) (2008)
Spoviedž Kryvi (2011)
If No Sun (2011)
Брате Вітре (2006)
Лихо (2009)


Kogaion Art- artwork

Released 9/7-2012
Reviewed 18/8-2012

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Slavic bands join together to become a trinity of bands who has now created an album called Triunity and the trios are very present here as there are three bands having three songs each and they are from three different slavic nations which are Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. They are released by a Russian label and the Russian language heritage is present all over the place for these bands the writing and all of that, and so also for this album as the titles are translated in the promo package and everything is in Russian for this album which has a cool cover artwork which is created by a Romanian agency. They sing in Russian, something I do not have much experience with but I have heard one band that a pretty dumb metalhead introduced me to and that band really sucked, big time.

Now I am not saying that bands that sing in Russian suck but the band I heard did and this does not have to mean that these bands are boring or bad. They are folkish metal or pagan metal if you like that term and sing in Russian. This is a triunity where the three bands are creating a conceptual album with three songs each over little under 44 minutes and it is one where the overall sound is quite similar all the way through these minutes my guess is that it is mixed and mastered by the same guys all the way through, although I have no real information on this as none is provided on that subject but I would say that the sound is similar enough to believe otherwise. The variation is surprisingly small considering that the songs are made by different bands, still there is a bit of that over the songs but the bands don’t seem that different. They have similar vocalists that can all be described as rather typical pagan/folk metal singers, in the musical foundation I would describe the music as heavy metal with touches of folk music, all bands can be described as that.

I would say that this triunity project thing is rather good, not the best thing I have ever heard but definitely not the worst either. I think the music is good and exciting from all of the three bands, I also things that the songs are quite good. What I don’t like is the singing, Russian just isn’t a good language to sing in as it has no flow and most of the time therefore it sounds sort of forced and that just does not work for me. I am not saying that the music doesn’t work for me because that would not be true as the music does work for me and it is good music the language however does not work and that is the problem. That and a slight lack of real variation makes this an album that is good slightly less good than it could have been and this is my problem with this album it just is not what it could have been. Had the vocals been more fluent, had the songs been a bit more varied the I would probably have liked it more.

Still, this is a good album and if you are a fan of folk- or pagan metal you will probably find this rather amusing as it has many redeeming features and for a fan it will most probably work rather well. Unless of course you want to understand what the concept is all about and such thing because then it will only work if you speak that language which not many people do, so really good but the language sort of plants a seed of disappointment as the slavic languages just does not work well for singing.



Label: Casus Belli Musica/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Oprich/Pierevaracien/Chur
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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