01. A Song For The Weak
02. Set Me Free
03. Follow Me
04. Black Bile
05. Fear Lingers On

Goran - Bass
Michael - Drums
Andy - Lead vocals
Tom - Guitars



co-produced by Martin Sweet

Released 7/12-2012
Reviewed 9/12-2012

rock it up

So we are now dealing with roses that are toxic, in their debut EP that cleverly is named the same way as the band. It is a quartet of swedes we are dealing with here and to offer they have a quintet of songs for us. It may be a newcoming band to the scene but the guys in the band are certainly not newcomers, all with experience from bands before this one. Still they haven’t really come up with an artwork that impresses any music fanatic, it looks quite glam rock or sleaze or whatever way you want to label that kind of music. So what can we say about the five tracks on this EP then?

Well you could say that it offers nothing new stylewise, which means that it conforms to a certain genre which happens to be sleaze or whatever it is called, melodic rock with a sense of dirtiness kind of like classic bands like Poison or Mötley Crüe. It may be slightly darker than most such music but it is still catchy and melodic with choruses to sing along with and all of that which are customary for the genre. So, they may not be the most innovative of bands but they are good at what they do and their production is very high class and fairly impressive as well. We could also add to this that the EP’s five tracks plays for just over 23 minutes which means that we could call it half an album if we would like.

And I think that it is a good half an album, not brilliant bit it is a good listen nonetheless. Sure when looking cold and logically at it you sort of think that it is a rather typical album that offers nothing new and that is as true as it is a good album. So even if you might have reservations against them making music that has been done loads of times before by several bands before, you still have to acknowledge that they do what they do well so if you like the genre I think you will find this another interesting album to have a closer look at.

I especially like the ending track which I find really enjoyable and then we have the opening track which is alright as well while the other tracks are good but nothing that special to be honest. In the end though I would say that this EP is mainly aimed at fans of the genre and it will most likely not be as appealing to those that are not as much interested in the genre as they would probably do best to await an album instead as that promises to be a lot more interesting. So an EP that is pretty amusing to listen to and that probably will be a treat for a fan of the genre, I on the other hand wait for the album and play the ending track another time before archiving it for my next review.



Label: City Of Lights Records/Rock It Up Records
Three similar bands: Crashdiet/H.E.A.T./Crazy Lixx
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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