Today Forever

01. Sovereign
02. Lady On The Shore
03. Dynamics
04. Good Weekend
05. Waiting Forever
06. Boreout
07. The Trial
08. Stop Boring Us
09. Relationshipwrecks
10. Soothe My Soul
11. Dancing Queen
12. Thirtysomething

Dave - guitars
Tim - drums
Christian - voice
Manuel - guitars
Marco - bass

The new Pathetic (2006)
Profound Measures (2009)

Billy hamilton - vocals
Scott Wade - vocals
Andrew Neufeld - vocals

Production by Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner @ kohlekeller studio
Artwork by Dave Quiggle

Released 6/1-2012
Reviewed 7/3-2012


For some reason it is often more amusing to read what Bastardized write about their bands than actually listening to the bands themselves, just have a glimpse at what they write about this band: “Passion, maturity and authenticity are words thrown around far too commonly in the music scene these days. For every artist claiming to be what they say, far too often it is just what people want to hear. Often it’s manufactured by a major label or management firm. German hardcore legends Today Forever have been passionately playing their own breed of melody and violence for nearly a decade. Never a band to shy away from a message, they have taken their sincerity to a new level with their new album”, their new album which is their third and is called Relationshipwrecks. It is funny with a label that market Catalepsy or was it We are the Damned as “the next big thing” how trustworthy are they? Anyway, it is not the label’s attempt to appear credible by dissing other label’s marketing methods that is under review, it is the music of german “hardcore legends” Today Forever who have enlisted the help of members from big acts like Silverstein and Comeback Kid that is. So what about this album then?

“Musically the record sticks to the relentless pounding of hardcore rhythms mixed with a catchiness of post-punks yesteryears, rarely found in the hard- core scene today.” That is what the label say and I think it is a fairly accurate short description, hard, heavy, catchy, screaming vocals and smattering rhythms with a catchy melody. The vocalist is a fairly typical metalcore singer and the sound is also fairly typical metalcore, it is short and to the point. The album is just shy of thirty minutes long with twelve tracks, and I would say that listening to these twelve tracks you will find yourselves placing this album in the rather typical metalcore compartment. I would say that it does not sound new or fresh in any sense of the way, not that such an observation necessarily is anything negative but it does require the music to be really amazingly well made.

Stop Boring Us is the name of track eight on this album and that is more or less what I think when I am listening to this album, “wait a minute…” you say then, “us?” To which I has to reply that it is me and my many other personalities I am talking about, we are all bored. Not that it is badly made, but it has nothing that enchants, nothing that even makes you take notice, just a half-boring album that you play through and then leave without feeling anything, more or less, there might be some pain in the head because of the lack of sleep. Anyway, I find this album just being there while listening to it, it said me nothing and I am glad that it is finally time to leave it now.

Not saying that it is piss poor because it isn’t, in a way it is decent but at the same time there are some parts really annoying, like the vocals which can suck very much at times. Maybe you will like if you are into the band or into metalcore but to be honest, it is nothing new and metalcore has been done before and done way better than this as well. So in the end it is an album that fails to make any kind of impression, lets leave it at that.



Label: Bastardized Recordings/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands: Silverstein/Comeback Kid/Norma Jean
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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