Thee Orakle
Smooth Comforts False

01. Faraway Embrace
02. Psi-drama
03. Mysterious Hours
04. Foretoken
05. Evil Dreams
06. Winter Threat
07. The Bridge of the River Flowing
08. Hopefulness
09. Rescue of Mind

Daniel Almeida – Bass
Frederico Lopes – Drums, Samples
J. Ricardo Pinheiro – Guitar
Luís Teixeira – Keyboard
Micaela Cardoso – Vocals
Pedro Mendes – Guitar, Vocals
Pedro Silva – Vocals

Metaphortime (2009)

Vocals on Faraway Embrace by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal
Trumpet on Psi-Drama by Ricardo Formoso
Bouzouki on Evil Dreams by Yossi Sassi Sa’aron
Vocals on Winter Threat by Marco Benevento
Saxophone on Rescue of Mind by Fábio Almeida

Recorded at UltraSoundStudios, Portugal
Produced by Daniel Cardoso
Co-produced by Pedro Mendes and Thee Orakle
Engineered by Pedro Mendes
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Cardoso at UltraSoundStudios

Released 16/4-2012
Reviewed 11/6-2012

etheral sound works

It is hard to understand what this band really means, the name what are they referring to? Orakle does not mean anything, and the title is like three random words just put there for some reason. So, I would say that if you are looking for logic I think elsewhere might be better, the cover art is a bit so-so as well, not really bad but not really interesting either. But considering which exciting bands we have seen from Portugal lately there is no reason dismissing this band so lightly. Rather surprisingly (or not) they have been very well received by the internet metal/rock press with ratings around nine of ten and a lowest score of 3.5 of 5, that’s very good. I was also looking for common denominators to use for similar bands, as I always do and it was hard to find any consensus in this which can only mean that it is a complex band seen to their musical style. However, the exclusively good reviews had me thinking, what do they see that I don’t?

The answer seems to be nothing. They write about the same complex music, the growly singer and the female one, the progressive elements, the jazz influences, the keys and many things more. The production should also be noted that it is really good and the nine tracks shows a very good sense of variation, the album is only 41 minutes long as well. This means that this is an album that is falling within the kind of music I enjoy, music that requires both time and attention, music that is not instantly absorbed, music that isn’t bothering with the rules, and a female singer. So this album has to be good, after all it has everything an album needs and it is not longer than just over 40 minutes as well.

But I must confess that I am not overly enthusiastic, it is a good album, it is not that but there is something I cannot put my finger on that is amiss. A feel, a sensation or something similar, something is missing and that makes this album exciting in a way but it just does not claim my interest all the way to the ending speech. But there is an exception in track two Psi-Drama which is a fantastic track, one of the best I have heard this year with a chorus feeling a bit catchy and a sensation pointing towards an adventure to many of the corners of musical stylistics. A track that makes Thee Orakle a name to remember and always keep track of because they are probably capable of doing more tracks like that because they have the basic ideas present all over the album but this time it is only in Psi-Drama that those ideas really converge into something extraordinary.

Overall I would say that this is a rather good album, it had potential of being better but it fails to really grab my attention or impress me but nevertheless it is a rather exciting musical journey and it takes you to at least one place of wonder. So Thee Orakle’s second album is a good one and one that you should really be looking into if you wish your music to be more complex than your everyday Iron Maiden clone. Smooth Comforts False is definitely one album that is adventurous and exciting as well as filled with great ideas and musicianships, too bad it fails to really grab my attention.




Label: Ethereal Sound Works
Three similar bands: One Without/Sirenia/Cynic
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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