The Nightcrawlers
... You Never Know

1. You Never Know
2. Stay With Me Tonight
3. Nighttrain
4. Nothing's Goin On
5. Old Vagabond
6. Can't Get Rid Of You
7. Keep On Rockin
8. Castles In The Sand
9. Hey Marie
10. Still In Love
11. This Time

Paul Arnold - Leadsinger
Anton Morelli - Guitar
Rob Strong - Bass
Markus Daßau - Drums
Rudi Braka - Keyboard

It's the Devil in Me (2010)


Rudi Braka - producer

Released 14/9-2012
Reviewed 5/9-2012

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Apparently a nightcrawler is the same thing as an earthworm, I would say that it is a weird name for a band to have. Not much is known about these crawlers either, their primary hunting ground might be Ireland and Germany although the information is a bit out of date as I have not been able to make any observations dating to a later date than 2010. The website and myface is badly out of date and the label provided us with the songs and a picture of the cover art, a short biography and a link to the band's out of date website which didn't provide much at all. Maybe something for the future, a press info with names (to complete the band line-up wasn't easy and I am not sure it is accurate either), people and all of that stuff. I do however think the label did what they could conisdering how interested they were in seeing a review well before I was done finding the information, but I guess, you never know and cannot really know anything about this band and maybe the title tells us what we can expect to learn about this band.

When listening to this band I come to think about the excellent televised show called cheers, it feels a bit like nightclub music. Melodic rock of a classical style with songs of a catchy nature that is very focused on strong melodies. It is not metallic in anyway more of that classical kind of music that might be played in a casino or something like that, very melodic is what it is. The production is good, not overly polished sound which makes it sound a bit spontaneous but at the same time it is polished enough to not sound like it was recorded on some back alley night club in the south of Berlin or central Dublin.

This album has a cover that works well with our colour scheme, but it is also a good looking cover art. The music of the album is also good, the melodies are excellent and most of the songs are very catchy. There are no real weaknesses on this album, all the songs are good. Although you could complain a little about the slight lack of variation over the 47 minutes the album goes on but it is a minor thing and the overall feel is really good for the entire album. There are really nothing poor at all about this album, other than the information we can find out about it perhaps.

There are a number of great songs, three of them are really strong: the opening title track, Nighttrain and Hey Marie are all excellent songs that thrills me as a listener and make me almost sing along with them. Of course I do not sing along in songs as that would be below my dignity but had I been one of those idiots I probably would have. So with songs that makes you want to sing along and look like an idiot and a nice classical sound that makes you think of better times when life was simpler and people weren’t as delusional and stupid as they are today, it surely is a fascinating and good album.

It is as good as it is impossible to find info on it and the band, this album. An enjoyable album from a band that might be the one we have given information about, I don’t know how accurate such information is though as there was really nothing to find around the stupid interweb. But besides the band being completely incognito it is one that I recommend and you might actually say that they let the songs do the talking rather than any fancy websites, and I think they talk rather well.



Label: BMM Records
Three similar bands: Gary Moore/Stevie Ray Vaughn/Billy Gibbons
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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