The Buccaneers
Guide Me Home

01. Intro
02. Last Goodbye
03. Traveled So Far
04. Edward Kelly
05. We Won’t Bail You Out
06. Jailbird
07. Liberty
08. Ship Ya Outta Town
09. The World Has Its Own Ideas
10. New Friends
11. Take In The Slack
12. The Nomad And The Hun
13. Outro

Thomas “Fiz” Fritz - Lead Vox
Frank “Chowie” Chowanierz - Guitar
Arlyn Bradley - Guitar
Harry Gump - Drums/Acoustic Guitars
P.H. - Lead Vox/Bass/Mandolin
Lindsey O’Connell- Accordion/Harmonica/
Tin Whistle
Ayron Mortley - Guitar/Mandolin/Tenor Banjo

Names And Numbers (2007)
Up The Irons (2008)

Michael Hofmann - Drums, Drum arr.
Robert Hofmann - bass, back, vox, guitar

Produced by Robert Hofmann
Co-Produced by Phillip Hofmeister
All words and music by Phillip Hofmeister
Artwork and Design by Uta Heid
Photography by Mo Ne

Released 2012
Reviewed 22/4-2012


Privateers, or pirates, with a desire to attack the spanish and later on spending time more as pirates. They were around the Caribbean and if you have watched the movies with Jack Sparrow you will know some of the places like Tortuga from where these pirates started their campaigns. It is probably not too far fetched to think that this band has drawn musical ideas from these buccaneers, they call themselves pirate punk or something like that and not only the name but also some songs seem to reflect such a pirate theme, the question is wether it is a romanticised image of pirates of old that is the draw for them and if they like the modern internet pirates stealing music and movies as well.

Musically they call themselves pirate punk but that isn’t really a genre, is it? Celtic punk is a good description as it is melodic and fast paced punk rock with celtic elements making into celtic punkrock which is a genre where there actually are a few bands in this particular genre one of which is Sir Reg who we reviewed earlier this year. Quite simplistic and energetic but still with a decent sense of variation throughout, especially considering the fact that it is a punk rock album and those are usually not particularly varied. Sound is also okay and the album has thirteen tracks and plays for almost 35 minutes which makes you understand that the average song on this album is short and to the point.

I like this album a fair bit, it has good melodies and good songs, not good enough to merit one of the higher ratings but an average rating with a positive aftertaste we could describe it as and we do. There are no weak songs on the album but all are piraty songs about plunder and pillage or something similar to that. But I think that this fast paced melodic punkrock with celtic elements really work well, it is energetic and has a positive feel in the songs and the singer is also quite alright making it a good product all in all.

Sure I will probably not go back to this album now that I have written this review but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a good album by this german-canadian band, and judging by reviews I have found on the web they have succeeded quite well as those reviews have been very positive. So if you are into punk with a more interesting twist I am certain that you will find this album quite appealing in some way or another, I know I do. For me the song The Nomad and the Hun is the real keeper but as I have already stated all songs on the album is up to a high standard so it is definitely an album worth looking into for those who are into celtic punk or folk punk or just a more sophisticated version of punk rock.

So, this third album by The Buccaneers is a fascinating and good album which awards them a letter of marque from me.


Label: Self released
Three similar bands: Sir Reg/Dropkick Murphys/Flogging Molly
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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