The Bones
Monkeys With Guns

1 Bones City Rollers
2 Shooting Blanks
3 Concrete Cowboys
4 Smile Of The Cobra
5 State Of Rock `N`Roll
6 Dead Heart Beats
7 Cemetery Sue
8 Die Like A Man
9 Burnout Boulevard
10 Wendy
11 One Louder
12 Straight To Crashville
13 The Hooligan Bop
14 Mr. Bartender
15 This Hound Dog Rocks

Spooky – drums, backup vocals, percussion
Andi – bass, lead & back vocals, percussion
Boner – lead guitar, lead & backup vocals
Beef – guitars, lead & backup vocals, percussion

Screwed, Blued And Tattooed 2000)
Bigger Than Jesus (2002)
Straight Flush Ghetto (2004)
Burnout Boulvard (2007)



Released 18/6-2012
Reviewed 6/7-2012

people like you records

Sometimes it is believed that music reviewers are mind readers, at least that seems to be what People Like You Records think as they sent me this album in a cheap CD-pocket and alone in an envelope with nothing else in it, no albums no return address no nothing in terms of information. Fortunately the name of the album was on the album itself so at least I knew that one, thanks to internet I now know a bit more about the band as well. Like the fact that they are from Sweden and this is their fifth studio album, they have some EPs and a live DVD as well as album on their CV as well. Maybe something for the label to think about next time, send a small press sheet with a track list a line-up and maybe some more information on the release and the band. Anyway, these guys has to have something to show for having released music since the latter half of the nineties which amounts to a fair bit of experience nowadays. So what about these monkeys with guns then?

Rock’n’roll is a good description, catchy simplistic rock music that is bound to get on your mind fairly quickly. Some would probably call it punk rock’n’roll as well and why not? That will work as well, it is music you will take to fairly easy considering its simplicity and straight ahead character. It is almost like being transported back in time, but at the same time it is more like a prequel, like for instance the Enterprise Star Trek TV-show being a more advanced looking ship despite it being conceived before the one in the original show. It is like that, music of olden days but made with today’s skill and technology making it sound in style like classic rock’n’roll but at the same time like something modern and fresh. There are fifteen energetic high octane rockers on this album and these will require 36 minutes of your time, a little more if you buy the special releases with two extra tracks which will probably require you to spend over 40 minutes listening to the album.

I think it is time well spent to listen to this album, it is very good and it is easy to take on and get to know. I am also very certain that it will be quite amazing to hear the band play live because of the simplicity and the fact that you know the song after hearing something like ten seconds of it. This however is rarely only good and it isn’t in this case either, because it is so easy to take to it is more or less as easy to get tired of. And that is my case I play it once and enjoy it quite a bit but then I cannot play it for a few days because I am bored with it, so a bit more variation or just slightly more complexity woven into the songs wouldn’t have hurt for the longevity of the album but it is really good nonetheless. So if you enjoy classic rock’n’roll, more melodic punk rock or rockabilly I am certain that you will find this little album a real gem as it is great for what it is. If you do not enjoy this kind of music normally I still believe that Monkeys With Guns will be a good listen to you but like me you might find yourself tired of the album after 35 minutes.



Label: People Like You Records
Three similar bands: The Accidents/Dropkick Murphys/V8 Wankers
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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