1. Crying To Me
2. The Last Time
3. Did You Have To Say
4. Everytime
5. Take You All The Way
6. Maybe One Day
7. You Don’t Know Me At All
8. Walk Away
9. Brothers
10. When Will I
11. You Got What It Takes
12. Jane

Shawn Pelata (Lead and Backing Vocals)
Kory Voxen (Rhythm & Acoustic Guitar)
Jim Kee (Lead Guitar)
Phil Keller (Bass Guitar)
Eric Ragno (Keyboards)
John Parker (Drums)

Talon (2002)
Fallen Angels (2008)
Fire in Your Soul (2010)

Jeff Scott Soto (Vocals on 5)

Produced by Ty Sims
Co-Produced by John Parker and Kory Voxen

Released 25/11-2012
Reviewed 13/8-2012


Does anyone know the exact date when Tobias Sammet started to sing AOR? Because this just have to be Sammet doing the vocals under a pseudonymous, since the guy sounds precisely like the German power metal God in every single tone to such an extent that it's almost criminal. Unless of course it is Sammet who is "Shawn Pelata" - one can definitely wonder sometime since they even have the same kind of pronunciation despite Tobi being German and Pelata is suppose to be American. This whole thing stinks, I tells you!

But let's play along with it.. Talon is said to have risen through the ashes of Voxen, a name with a striking similarity to the Swedish word "vuxen" (meaning grown up, which as we all know is the opposite of what Mr Sammet is). In the band we find Kory "Vuxen" as well as most other Voxen members, Jim Kee, Phil Keller and John Parkes - all present on the 1995 album 'Sacrifice', which is Voxens only success as it comes to releases. However, Voxen was much heavier than Talon - more related to sleaze or heavy metal than Talons AOR. Sure, even on this Talon album we get some heavy guitars making appearances now and then, like in Take You All The Way where they've invited Jeff Scott Soto to do the vocals or Everytime and Walk Away (both opening with almost the exact same guitar line) where the sleaze or heavy metal roots are then hinted. But clearly this is not a sleaze or heavy metal album - it's an AOR album.

Back to this Shawn Pelata, what can be said about him? Well, his name has been seen in Line Of Fire before entering Talon but the strange thing about that is that I've never reacted over his Sammet voice there. The fact that he suddently sounds so Sammetish on 'III' is remarkable and the question why can definitely be asked. So, why? Well… I don't know, but maybe the progressive nature of the music in Line Of Fire just don't takes out this Sammet feel the same way as Talon does? Or maybe Pelatas voice has become more like Sammets as the years gone by? Either way, let's move on from that. I don't actually belive this is Sammet, off course (?) so… what do we get from 'III'?

This is the fourth album by the Americans, but the first starring Pelata on vocals. It's also the first album with keyboardist Eric Ragno who really contributes with that true 80's AOR feel playing his keys in best Journey vein. They sneak in some ballads in the mix as well as some really nice songs in between and most songs are actually nice songs. Still, I can't help feeling that it doesn't really strike me and sticks on me. Seen overall it's "just" a good album, despite having a few songs with stronger choruses and better melodies that feels better than that.

Hence, my conclusion is that it's a good AOR album and it will probably make more that just AOR-fans wanna bang some dandruff out of their hair at its best. But seen on the whole album it still lacks some to become one of the big albums in the genre. But I think all of you need to give it a chance before judging it insufficient for you.



Label: Escape Music/Connecting Music
Three similar bands: Houston/Journey/Voxen
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Caj Källmalm

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