Sorrows Path
The Rough Path of Nihilsm

1. All Love Is Lost
2. The Beast (S.P.R.)
3. Honestly…
4. Fetish
5. Dirty Game
6. Mr. Holy
7. Getting Closer
8. Queen of Doom
9. Prostitute
10. Hymn of Differentiation
11. Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts
12. Nihilism

Stavros Giannakos: Bass
Angelos Ioannidis: Vocals
Fotis Mountouris: Drums
Kostas Salomidis: Guitar
Giannis Tziligkakis: Guitar

Resurrection (2006)



Released 29/10-2010
Reviewed 31/5-2012

rock it up

The guys of Sorrows Path takes us on a rough path, a path of nihilism. Is that something that sounds intriguing? well it might for the cliental that is appealed to by the doom metal genre. The Rough Path of Nihilism is the real debut album of Sorrows Path even though they did release an album in 2006 that was comprised of remasters of demos from the 90s, The Rough Path… was released in 2010 and a new album is said to be in the works for release in 2012. Doom rules eternally the band says in the biography, but it has been a little of a path of sorrow and doom for them with a member dying from a brain disease the band dying and returns to life and stuff like that. Of course someone in the band dying has to be a traumatic event for all involved, but maybe besides being a tough and saddening experience for the remaining members of the band it might also have been positive in the way they approach their doomy metal. After all doom metal is about sorrow and dark places of the mind.

It would be easy to count many names of doom metal bands when describing this band, it is a rather typical doom metal with not that many unique traits. There are some progressive elements and some elements of american heavy metal but at the same time they are a quite typical doom metal band. I also think that it is rather easy to imagine that these guys are heavily influenced by american band Solitude Aeternus and if you have heard that band you will understand well how this band sounds. The hour of music offers a good production and a very solid product to boot, and there is also a decent amount of variation to be found in the twelve tracks that makes up this album.

Doom metal, it isn’t really my genre but when done well I can really enjoy that kind of music, it can be really good when done right. And I think that Sorrow Path does it quite right, maybe not in line with the absolute best but surely they are quite close to their inspirational source of Solitude Aeternus. In its best moments this album is a great one, for most parts though it is a good album. There are some very memorable parts like the opening track All Love is Lost which isn’t only setting the tone and grabbing your attention from the get go, it is also a memorable track that stays with you long after you’ve stopped listening to the album. The same can be said about the fifth track Dirty Game which is a great doom metal song which also remains in my mind when not playing this album, unfortunately there is not much else that does that on this album which makes these two highlight in an otherwise good but rather bland album if I am honest. Sure, if you are a fan of the genre I am almost certain that you will love this album because it is a top class product.

In their mail to us they said that they would be more than proud to be reviewed in our reliable webzine, so here you go Sorrows Path. You are now reviewed in our reliable webzine, hope you feel proud when reading. I think that the rough path of nihilism isn’t so rough in reality and neither is it as pessimistic as the title would lead you to believe, it still has that dark moody doom feeling and to me this sounds as you imagine a doom metal album should sound. And atop that it is a good album with some really memorable songs and other good songs to fill it up and to me this has been an hour of good entertainment every time that I have played it. So for all of you who are fans of doom metal this one is an album you have to take a closer look at. And with this album fresh in mind I can’t help but really looking forward to the sequel to this album, be sure to look up this one while you wait for it.



Label: Rock it up Records
Three similar bands: Candlemass/Solitude Aeternus/Memento Mori
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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