Carnival of no Tomorrow

01 Brimstone Ignition
02 Sick of You
03 Pornstar Love
04 Shadows & Dust
05 Carnivores at Carnival
06 Pain Induced Craze
07 As Romance Dies (with Mark Jansen)
08 Cyanide Symphony (with Dan Swanö)
09 Revolt Tonight!
10 Jenkins' Nightmare
11 March to Ruin

Lotus - Vocals
Gen Morphine - Guitars/vocals
Tristan Hex - Guitar
Heresy 101 - Drums
JD Acid - Bass

Perversion Ltd. (2010)

Dan Swanö - vocals
Mark Jansen - vocals

All songs written by Gen Morphine and Recorded by Sin7sinS
Produced & Mixed by Dan Swanö
Artwork by Studio Mystica

Released 11/5-2012
Reviewed 2/6-2012


Dutch sinners of Sin7Sins are back with their second album following a rather successful debut called Perversions Inc. This time they release the album on their own label and they did in the mail to me make a deal of the album being produced by Dan Swanö who happens to be a countryman of mine. On the debut they had a white and very fascinating album cover, this time it strikes me the first time I see the cover that it looks dreadful and that is despite the fact that it is made by the same people as the first one. Although thinking about the cover issue a bit more a fact emerges which is the one about the debut album having a cover that promised slightly more than the album eventually was able to deliver, it might be the other way this time. It is called Carnival of no Tomorrow this second album and it is a title promising a festival of tracks completely without compromise and performed like there is no tomorrow and it raises the question of wether or not it is this kind of music that is being promised by the title.

The band is fronted by Lotus, which is not a car nor a flower or an optics manufacturer but the name of the female vocalist of this band. She is however not alone in making the vocal performances of this band, she has some help from some guys and guests. The vocal part is quite dynamic which I would not only attribute to the voice of Lotus which is distinct and very good, it is also dominating amongst the voices we hear but the male additions to the vocals add dynamics to the vocals. The music in itself is very melodic with prominent keyboards and a touch of classical influences to be heard in the picture, it is also a large and dynamic sound that they offer on this album. The songs are eleven if you count them and they are quite varied over the albums playing time, the production by Swanö is really top notch and gives a very good impression of the quality at first glance. I also think that the band has a sound that is rather different and they do not really sound like any other band that I have heard, and compared to the debut they sound a lot more mature this time as well as more confident.

The album starts in a brimstone ignition before exploding into a number of great tracks, I would have to describe it as a great album no doubt about it. I think when speaking of the tracks it is the single track Sick of You along with the penultimate track Jenkins’ Nightmare that are my favourites but there are a few candidates for that title I would say. There is really nothing I would describe as negative about this album, it has strong tracks, the performances are flawless although they might not be as uncompromising as the title suggests, and the overall feel of the album is great. I recall the debut album which I was near giving a higher rating than the one I eventually gave, this time they will receive that higher rating as this album is better than the debut in every conceivable way (except the cover artwork) and it is an album I can recommend to those who liked the debut and to everyone else.

Sure, the lyrics can still be a tad annoying but besides that I think that if I had any reservations when starting to listen to this album they are all gone now. And I have to say that this album is surprisingly good, sure from the debut I think that a very good album was to be expected but I think they surpassed what I could have expected and has produced one hell of an album, be sure to take a look at it I know you will not be disappointed.



Label: S7S Records/Suburban
Three similar bands: Within Temptation/Hydrogyn/After Forever
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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