Silver Horses

01. Rub It On Me
02. Run
03. Life And Soul
04. Diamond Sky
05. Secret Service
06. Suddenly Lost
07. Me
08. Silver Horses
09. You're Breaking My Heart
10. You
11. Who's Holding On To You

Tony Martin - Vocals
Gianluca Galli - Guitar
Andrea Castelli - Bass
Matteo "Bona" Bonini - Drums


Nicola Costanti - guest Piano on track 6


Released 26/10-2012
Reviewed 19/11-2012


Hello there rockers, this is a band featuring the great Tony Martin on vocals fronting some italian guys. Tony Martin probably best known for his role as singer for a rather well known band called Black Sabbath, but it was through collaborating with Dario Mollo he could be approached by these guys who of course did a great deal to collaborate with Tony. This is the debut album of the band Silver Horses but none of these guys are beginners in the musical arena, all have a decent experience behind themselves in the music business and with a cool looking album cover it can’t go wrong. Or can it?

One thing it can be is rock that is reminiscent of the seventies with a touch of blues and a british feel to it which maybe isn’t too surprising considering it has an english singer, and an excellent one at that. But it is not the great Tony that is good, the production is excellent as well giving a modern clean sound with good energy and a good variation over the eleven tracks. I would call it a quality album made by some quality performers, a top of the line Italian-British collaboration but what about the songs? are they up to the quality of the production?

Well, that is a tougher question and I am not completely certain about that, the songs are good but the album still feels a touch forgettable. It is impressive, exciting and with, as I have stated, good songs but for some reason it just doesn’t leave a lasting impression. There are some songs that do, like the opening track Rub it on Me which is a powerful energetic opening rocker which is my favourite of the album and a track I really enjoy. Then I want to push for the title track as well, it is a good and decently memorable track. I think that if you, unlike me, long for the seventies and the music of that era, or just the more classical and more bluesy type of hard rock, then I think you will find this album quite exciting.

For me a bit of a lukewarm thing but it is good nevertheless and it leaves us to conclude a few things like that Tony Martin is a brilliant singer and probably one of the greatest in the genre. Also that Tony Martin likes working with Italians and that he does it well but I personally enjoy his collaboration with Dario Mollo a lot better. And we can also conclude that this band shows really great promise but a promise that isn’t quite realised to it full potential. And with those little conclusions we can conclude that I award this album out mostly used rating.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Black Sabbath/Mollo/Martin/Rainbow
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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