01. Inferno (Intro)
02. Within The Serpent's Grasp
03. Sworn Enemy
04. Dead Behind My Eyes
05. Suicide Reign Of Salvation
06. Bullet Train
07. The Hurtlocker
08. Firewalker
09. Gehenna
10. Screaming Silence
11. Alone At The End Of The World

Paulo Goncalves – Vocals
Emidio Ramos – Drums
Joao Sousa– Bass
Luis Goulao– Vocals, Guitar
Ricardo Trincheiras – Guitar

Darklands (2004)
Hellbound Heart (2006)



Released 1/6-2012
Reviewed 6/11-2012


Shadowsphere is not a real word, but I guess they are referring to a sphere of Shadows. But then again they might actually be referring to the associates of mr Morden, for you who do not know who they are I can explain that it is tough luck that you don’t because you might miss one or two jokes in one or two of my reviews. The band themselves who are named as an unreal word are from the south european nation of Portugal and have a white cover art which is funny and refreshing, much like pouring salt on a rock in a forest just outside of Helsinki, Finland. I have no idea if that is refreshing but an extreme metal band having a white cover art is.

Musically some say that it is just about as refreshing as drinking salt to quench you thirst while walking in the desert, or that it is metalcore with a dab of Gothenburg stylings - all we know is that it sounds a lot like melodeath with a touch of metalcore usually sounds. The vocalist is raw and refreshing, he sounds angry about something maybe he had his car damaged in a parking lot while shopping. The vocals are alright, they should be angry like this as it is rawness that is needed in the melodic death metal which usually can be a tad tame at times, but the production is not so great and sounds rather cheap to me. They have managed eleven tracks for this album of which the final one is a three part epic to end the album on a high.

Déjà vu is what springs to mind when thinking of this album, it feels like I have heard it before and not just once or twice or trice but probably something like four- or five million times by now. This style of music is a lot used and many albums falls into it and this is neither one of the most interesting or best amongst those many bands, I would like to use the word lacklustre for it. I am not impressed with this album I can definitely say as there is nothing that catches my mind, and why do they all of a sudden throw in some random female vocal lines that feels as though it is a positive to the album as mr Morden is to the galaxy.

Maybe this might appeal to you if you are a fan of the genre or any of the similar bands or this band from earlier, so possibly it is aimed at the fan of the genre because if you like me look for interesting music to enjoy this is definitely something you can leave on the shelves of the record stores.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: As I Lay Dying/Heaven Shall Burn/Unearth
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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