Science of Sleep

1. Introduction
2. Affliction
3. To Protect And Abuse
4. Mutilation Of Messages
5. Gallows Of Treachery
6. Slice & Dice
7. Fraudulent Misrepresentation (Bonustrack)

Marcus Jasak - Vocals
Sven Weber - Guitar
Nils Reuter - Guitar
Philipp Heinemann - Bass
Dennis Kosinsiki – Drums



Recorded at the Rape of Harmonies Studios
Artwork by Tim Minarzik Throne Media & Design

Released 24/8-2012
Reviewed 13/11-2012


Affliction is what they call their debut EP, the German guys that form the band Science of Sleep. It is an EP that is a showcase of poor naming, Science of Sleep is not a good band name in my book (but I suppose the band sees something clever in it) and calling a release affliction, is that really clever? The cover art is quite interesting, or good looking even so there is something on the face of it that speaks for this album. But to be honest, looking at the whole of it there isn’t that much speaking for this album on the face of it as it is hardcore on Bastardized which I usually don’t really like, fortunately I knew nothing about this before listening to this album.

Musically it is quite typical of hardcore, metalcore or whatever the genre i called. It is heavy, aggressive, shouting, with aggressive riffing and all of that which is kind of what the genre is all about. There are six tracks on this EP, although if you have the one we got you will get seven tracks and a playing time of 24 minutes which might be enough considering that the album hardly can be called varied. Not varied at all is how I would describe this EP, it is all out aggressive and not really lightening up anywhere. But is it any good?

Well, I suppose that is more down to your preference but I would not really call it impressive if I say it like that. It is a typical thing of the genre, a genre that I am usually not that impressed by and on top of that the seven tracks are more or less the same track played over and over again. Well, not really but they are in the same style, all out aggressive. But I think they do some things good as well, they have a lot of energy and power, emotion I would say and that is something positive so there are both good and not so good stuff about this album. I am quite certain that if you like this kind of music you will probably find this EP interesting as well, if you don’t this EP will most certainly not change that kind of opinion.

I would say that this is a decent hardcore EP, a tad stale and genre typical perhaps but still decently well made and we should remember that this is their debut release and they have done over 100 shows which would mean that there is more to come from these guys. But to be completely honest, this EP feels quite unnecessary unless you are a collector of hardcore music. The album cover is a good thing but for the album as a whole I would say that the title isn’t really misdirecting any potential buyer.



Label: Bastardized Recordings/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Carnifex/Impending Doom/Oceano
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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