The Seed and the Sewage

1. Manimal
2. The Hangman
3. Blind Dog
4. Slayer To The System
5. Fairytopia
6. Party Right
7. Brand New Jesus
8. World Underground
9. Nevermore
10. Victim Of Downturn
11. Wrong (Depeche Mode cover)

Vinny Brando - Drums
Gabriele Gozzi - Vocals
Riccardo Canato - Bass
Matteo Magni - Guitars

Fi(R)st (2010)



Released 3/12-2012
Reviewed 16/12-2012

bakerteam records

Rhyming italians have formed a band called Rhyme, their debut album is a travel between the planting of seeds and running around the sewers or something like that. It is also a band with meaningful lyrics according to the press information that also speaks of music that is a stunning mix of Nineties Metal, Hard Rock and Southern Rock enriched by inspired and meaningful lyrics if we are to believe the label’s words about the band. They are a quartet and this is their second album which follows their debut from 2010, but is it any good? It is said that it is “one of the greatest Rock/Metal revelations in recent years” by the label, which I think is complete and utter bullshit but then again they have to say that as they are to sell the music to people and cannot just say that: “we think this is good enough to be bought by many people and inoffensive enough not to put people off it” which is more or less what it could be.

Musically it is a bit modern rock, quite straight and to the point without much in terms of sidetracking. The producktion is simple yet clean and modern making this a straight ahead modern hard rocking album. But what about the meaningful lyrics? you ask. Well, about that I have no real idea considering that the singing does not inspire to listen any closer and the singer sounds mostly ordinary and not really spectacular in any kind of way. The eleven songs of which one is a Depeche Mode cover are slightly varied and plays for little over 45 minutes which could be said to bearable in terms of playing time, just.

This sewery album is rather good but it is nothing spectacular, the songs are rather average and the album as a whole feels average as well. It feels like it is an album geared mostly at those who likes this kind on conventional rock music, who likes catchy rock songs that goes straight to the point. I find it quite difficult to pinpoint a reason for this album, I mean sure it is good but it has been done so many times already and in comparison with that it is quite ordinary. Another thing we could say about this album is that it is not amongst the best 100 albums that I have heard in 2012, but it is not bad still as I have heard many albums in 2012.

In the end though we must conclude that this album may not be amongst the best of the year but it is still a rather good album and the opening track is quite nice and the ending cover song is fairly brilliant being a rocked up version of a Depeche Mode song. It is by far and away the best song of this album, maybe a bit embarrassing for the band considering that it is the one track that they haven’t done themselves. So with the best song being a made over synthpop song and the rest mostly ordinary stuff, it is not the best album I have ever heard and it might be appealing to people who like the genre but for the rest of us it is not that brilliant.



Label: Bakerteam Records
Three similar bands: Quill/Soundgarden/Secret Sphere
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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