Arminius: Furor Teutonicus

01: Rest in Peace
02: Ala Germanica
03: Rrince of the Cheruscer
04: Dusk awaiting Dawn
05: Breeding Hate
06: The Seeress´ Tower
07: Varus
08: The Tribes united
09: Ghost of Freedom
10: Furor Teutonicus
11: Vae Victis
12: Requiem

Michael Seifert – Vocals
Oliver Geibig – Guitar
Stephan Karut – Guitar
Tomi Göttlich – Bass
Matthias Karle – Drums

A Tragedy In Steel (2002)
Born A Rebel (2003)
Sagas of Iceland - The History of the Vikings - Volume I (2005)
Miklagard - The History of the Vikings - Volume II (2007)
The Clans are Marching (EP 2009)
Arise- From Ginnunga gap to ragnaroek- the history of the vikings- volume III (2009)


Recordings, mix and mastering by Oliver Geibig at Tone Town Music, produced by Oliver Geibig & Tomi Göttlich
Felipe Machado Franco - Cover art

Released 26/10-2012
Reviewed 24/10-2012


In difference to their stormwarrior countrymen of the genre, Rebellion has grown tired of the vikings and instead taken up a bit of legionnaireing as they have taken ancient Rome as theme for this, their sixth album. There has been a fair bit of change in the ranks of the legionnaires from Germany as well with founding member Uwe Lulis leaving the band in the aftermath of a motorcycling accident and two other members also leaving along with Uwe which would at once seems as the end of these guys but general Göttlich had other plans and filled his ranks again and the guys were ready for album number six which on the outside looks to be stylistically in the same vain as before.

It is not only on the outside it is similar to what the band has done before, the raw and somewhat epic power metal is very similar to the previous album. The raw vocals that reminds anyone who has heard Grave Digger about that band, also the style is akin towards the Diggers but then it was formed from that band so what to expect? The style is quite raw yet it has more depth than what one might first think giving it somewhat of a storytelling sensation albeit you have to be quite hard pressed to really follow the concept when listening to the album which is near the hour in playing time with some variations on the theme. The production is very good giving this band a distinct sound and they sound quite interesting even though they don’t really offer anything we haven’t already heard.

It is a solid product this album and they do make a good piece of music, maybe the hour is a bit on the long side and the music is a bit typical of the genre in a way and due to that it may not appeal to everyone who are not very much into the genre but it is very good compared to the previous album so if you like what Rebellion has done before and if you like bands like Grave Digger I am sure that you will find this album very good. I like it but it isn’t great or amazing as it doesn’t bring that little extra to the table but rather what you expect and that makes it something that probably only appeals to fans of the band or genre.

So, in the end this is a good album to listen to but not one that goes down in history as a great album but as a solid one that cements Rebellion’s position as a solid band. Their songs are good but none of them a song that goes down in history but the melody of the opening track Rest in Peace is really nice and the ending ballad Requiem is also very good. So as I have already stated, if you like this band from before you will enjoy this album as well. The new legionnaires of Göttlich shows that they are still a force to be reckoned with despite replacing key members.



Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Grave Digger/Rage/Angel Dust
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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