Raw in Sect
Red Flows

1. Wall Of Greed
2. Man Less
3. Protect
4. Serpent's Groan
5. When Waves Divide
6. Scars Of Deception
7. A Haunted Frame
8. Mirror In Ice
9. Red Flows
10. Phrygian
11. ..Into The Labyrinth

George Vasilopoulos - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Jim Alexiou - Drums
Bill Kranos - Guitars
Kostas Diamandis - Vocals, Guitars




Released 19/10-2011
Reviewed 9/2-2012


Raw insect sounds like a feast for Pumbaas, doesn’t it? It is also a greek band although they do call themselves Raw in Sect and nothing else, but it is easy to make it into other names. Anyway, they are a greek modern thrash metal band according to information that I have found, they are often compared with bands like the ones in the similar bands part above in reviews which are often quite positive for them as well. The cover art is not overly positive, looks kind of boring to be honest but then again the saying goes that you should never judge a book by its cover so I won’t do that now either. This album that they have made is called Red Flows and it is their debut album, an album which I said has been positively received by the reviewers I found linked from the band’s website.

Musically it is what can be called groove metal, catchy thrash metal with some progressive elements and some death metal touches as well. They are quite heavy and the singer does growl all the time, there is no lightening up the vocal parts and you do also get a sense of aggression while listening to the album. The production is not the modern super polished one that we hear on most professionally made albums these days, it is a bit rougher around the edges and gives a raw feeling while listening. The songs are also quite varied over the eleven tracks and 45 minutes that this album goes on, rough groovy thrash metal I would call it if I were to make a short description.

I think good, that is to answer your next question. It is well made with catchy thrash songs with a sound raw enough to actually make it feel a bit rebellious and heavy. Sure it took some getting used to before I could see that, I thought the sound was a bit poor to begin with but that grows on you. There is no lightening up through the album, well there is in the interlude instrumental songs but that is another matter, the songs with vocals are aggressive and raw all way through the album. And the touches of progressiveness manage well to prevent the album from becoming quite boring.

Still, I think the vocalist needs some working on his vocal skills as his singing is quite static and gives the album a slightly static feel despite it being quite varied. I also think that they sometimes loose the plot a little and it becomes quite boring for short periods. Not that this issues are overly big seen to the bigger picture but they are there preventing me from really enjoying this album because it has a lot going for it this insect album. I wonder if they are looking to found an insect nation and it is to keep that secret they have split the word in half, the time should be good for them in Greece now considering the nation’s financial status. So maybe we’ll see some human slaves in an insect nation if these guys get their will, or maybe I am just reading too much into it.

Anyway, in the end I would say that this is a good, raw yet catchy album that maybe doesn’t make you walk upside down in the ceiling from joy but at the same time it is good enough to avoid the flyswatter.


Label: WormHoledeath/Aural Music Group
Three similar bands: Meshuggah/Lamb of God/The Haunted
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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