Fading Frames

1. The Eos Temple
2. To the End
3. Recoil
4. Gravity
5. Shifted Reality
6. Ruins of Howling Winds
7. Burning Rust

Francesca Messali - Vocals
Emanuela Marino - Guitar, Back Vocals
Paolo Benedetti - Drums, Back Vocals
Veronica Roselli - Bass
Giorgio Mannucci - Keyboard


Alessandro Alimonti - vocals
Gianluca Balla - narration

The album was recorded and mixed in February 2011 at the Trick Studio (Tivoli, Italy) by Andrea Mattei.
Mastered at Pisi Mastering Studio (Rome, Italy) by Claudio “Pisi” Gruer.
Artwork by Emanuela Marino.

Released 10-2011
Reviewed 4/5-2012


Falling rain, fading frames, canonical temples and a lot more can be found on this album which happens to be the debut album of this italian band. They call themselves Rainfall and their album is named Fading Frames which is their self financed debut which has a cover that bears the look of a power metal album, maybe with some epic touches and most likely female vocals. The album was released in october last year but given to us by the band who asked us to review it just a month or so ago, and now it has gotten ten and a few more playthorughs which means I am now ready to write about this album. One thing I like to do is present a band a little but all too often there is nothing interesting said about the bands in the press info and it is a little of that with this band as well, the info is very short but one thing they say is that they are looking to find the right attention to both the melodic and the heavy side of the music, other than that there is not much said about the band, line up changes and all of that. I guess if you are a myface or whatever social thing that is being used now user, you probably can find out lots more than I know of this band, but in the end what we do is about the music, nothing else.

So what about the music then? Well, it is as the cover suggests, female fronted melodic heavy/power metal with some epic touches, also with some pieces of progressive ideas with many noticeable keyboard melodies and such. It sounds a bit italian in the sound, meaning that the soundscape or rather the soil of the soundscape is of italian nature. The female singer is not singing in a soprano vocal style but rather a rocky one but also many times she sounds like a pop singer which I see as something positive, she has a good feel in her singing. The production is surprisingly mature and there is not too much in the overall sound or songs that gives away the fact that this is the band’s debut album, one thing might be the restrained style of the songs. The album also shows for quite good variation over the seven tracks which plays for around 32 minutes.

I think this is a good album, it has a good sound and melodies, clever ideas through the songs as well. I think the keyboard touches and also the very good feel in the vocals are other things that really stand out when you listen to this album. I think most aspects of this album works really well and if you are a fan of melodic metal you should have a look at this album. I have my reservations though, I have heard this album many times now and still it hasn’t really made an impression on me, it is funny how something can seem to catchy, clever, rich in ideas when listening to it and then when not listening to the album it feels very anonymous and the only lasting impression is the vocals for me but that being said I might not be representative for the average listener since I listen to and analyse music all the time and I might have heard too much music to be enthusiastic about everything albeit this is great when listening to it but maybe it lacks that distinctive hit song that makes it memorable.

In the end I would say that this is a very good debut album, especially considering it being financed by the band themselves, they need to work a bit on how they promote their works to the medias as all I found was italian reviews but anyway if you like melodic/epic metal I think this is one album to take a look at, it is a good album by a band that clearly has a lot of potential and skill.



Label: Self released
Three similar bands: Voice of Silence/Symphony X/Dark Moor
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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