Punishment Day

Label: Discouraged Records/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Loudblast/Dagoba/Gojira
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Overthrown
02. Insularity
03. No Reward
04. Dishonesty
05. To be Punished
06. Postal
07. Take the Hit
08. The Ending
09. Devotion

Erik Engbo: Vocals and guitars
Patrik Wall: Bass and backing vocals
Vilhelm Norberg: Drums

Dark& Spiteful (2011)


Recorded by Plector
Mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Productions
Cover art by Jonas Engbo
Layout by Kristoffer Bäckström

Released 31/10-2012
Reviewed 22/11-2012


discouraged records

Swedish trio Plector are giving us their final effort in Punishment Day, an album that also happens to be their second album. You could say that they are a victim of today’s musical world where consumers believe all cultural work should be public domain, conveniently forgetting both the workload and cost of making an album or a movie. But financial is only one of the reasons placed for why Plector throws in the towel, it also says that they lack a bit of inspiration (lack of funds can do that) and they have other priorities in life (lack of funds tend to change your priorities) so in the end it is your fault that Plector calls it quits. But what shall we say about their swan song?

It is one heavy piece of music, they do show a lot of power in their music. I think it sounds somewhat french with that extreme metal with the kind of groove we often hear from the French of that genre. The vocals of Plector are dark and aggressive and so is their music, sort of the dark northern Swedish forests’ influence on the mindset of the groove death/thrash metal that we are treated to with this album. I think the production is very good with a clean yet very powerful sound, I would say that it sounds as though these guys really know what they are doing. The album is also short and to the point with its nine tracks and just over 40 minutes of music, decently varied such as well. It sounds like these guys knows what they are doing.

But are they bidding farewell in an exciting way? Well, I would say that they are as this is a good album and I do think that you will enjoy it even more if you are a fan of the dark heavy extreme metal. It is a punishing album for the ears, in a good way that is. And it has nine strong tracks that all are quite enjoyable albeit it begins with the best track which is still something I don’t like as you always wait for something to surpass that and when nothing does the album looses a bit of the appeal it establishes in the first place. But still, it is an album I enjoy from the start to the end even if it may not be the best I have heard it still shows a few flashes of brilliance.

I think it is a bit sad to see Plector go now, they clearly have potential to do something really exciting in the future had they used this album as a stepping stone for the next. But I’ll guess all you illegal downloaders have robbed us of that potential, which is sad but still, there are two Plector albums out there to enjoy even if we will not see any more albums by them. I think they say farewell in a good way as this is an exciting as well as very heavy album but they will be missed. So with that I can only tip my hat and bid them farewell wishing them the best of luck with whatever they set out to do next, farewell!



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