You Ruin Everything

1. Give It
2. Whitewash
3. Massive Operative Error
4. Drained
5. Outburst Calendar
6. Contrition Dilemma
7. Scrum
8. Small c Celebrity
9. Mashantucket
10. At Least It’s An Ethos Pt.1
11. At Least It’s An Ethos Pt.2

Dave Curran: Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Schneider: Bass, Vocals
Jim Paradise: Drums




Released 11/4-2011
Reviewed 25/6-2011

solar flare records

A New York trio of pigs are unleashing their debut work on the world much like regular pigs are turned into ham that is being unleashed into stores, they state that you ruin everything which isn’t fair, is it? In a way it feels a bit like a clownish thing to say to say although the album looks a bit clownish on first glance. The debut of the grey and darker grey striped pigs is called You Ruin Everything and is said to be a noise rock album if I am to believe those who knows about such things. And judging by the reviews I have checked out it seems to be an album that is both serious and a bit clownish at the same time, although I am not really that much into the punkish and hardcorish noisy side of the rock music so I might be misinterpreting the whole thing.

One thing I do know is that the album is quite noisy at first glance and at that same glance it seems as though it is just random noise and no real structure to the sounds and voices. When looking a bit closer however, this changes and it would seem as though there is a bit more to it. Like some neat melodies that can be found underneath the surface of noise, there seem to be at least some thought to this. It is quite aggressive and rough, the production has a raw feel to it but still very modern and brushed free of pollutants giving you only the sound and ideas of the album. The songs is also quite raw and making the lyrics out is not the easiest task ever undertaken should you decide to do so, I am not saying that it is impossible to make out what he sings as he is not growling just spitting out the words. The album plays for almost 43 minutes and it has eleven tracks and you can sort of make out what to expect from the album by hearing the first one and if you like it you will like the entire album and the other way round.

I did not like this album at first, thinking that it sounded to much like random noise. After listening to the album a few times though I have managed to make out some stories and some structures from it, and I have come to enjoy this album a bit. It is a likeable album I would say, not really my cup of tea ordinarily but it is a good album and if you enjoy the music that is called noise rock I am sure that you will find this album very good.

The opening track Give It is a very good opener and probably my favourite track on the album but picking a favourite album from this album is difficult since they are all quite similar in style, varied in a way but still rather similar and finding a standout is not that easy I would say but the opener is a close one to that. So in the end I would say that it is a good album, especially if you like punkish rock music but these pigs are aggressive and bad enough to take on anyone. Maybe they can take on the big bad wolf, at the very least they’ll be able to take on the clowns on the cover artwork.



Label: Solar Flare Records
Three similar bands: Unsane/Players Club/Keelhaul
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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