1. Prelude to descent
2. Working class
3. Addiction
4. Here now
5. In you I met me
6. I was nothing
7. Falling
8. I still won`t leave
9. My definition
10. You do bad things to feel alive

Jimmy Norberg - guitars
Erlend Jegstad - vocals
Fredrik Kretz - drums
Reine Svensson - bass

Bad Things Always End Bad (2007)
Until We Are Dead (2009)


Produced recorded and mixed by Svein Jensen & Jimmy Norberg @ Grand Recordings, Gothenburg
Mastered by Göran Finnberg
Cover by Jimmy Norberg @ Dead Tree Music
Crow, logo, textures & design elements by Daniel Eek @ Eneina Creative
Photography by 11 Frames

Released 6/6-2012
Reviewed 19/9-2012

dead tree music

Addiction is what Swedish band Outshine are dealing with on their third album, it has a darkish look and a sense of being a bit morose. The band has since this album also lost their singer, which makes them a trio nowadays as opposed to a quartet which they were when recording tis album. I have no idea if they are looking for a new singer or not but I do know that this is my first encounter with this band which features the head of the Dead Tree Music label. I think it looks like a fascinating album but sometimes the cover does not say much about the book, lets see what is the case coming to Addiction.

Musically it is hard rock music with a sense of melody and a sense of a darkish mind. If you are looking for a musical comparison I would say think Billy Idol with a bit of a Steroid usage which means Billy Idol with a sense of metal. The music is quite varied between heavier and softer parts, some ballad like tracks are also there, the singer I would say is quite brilliant and in a sense it is a bit sad that he is no longer in the band but maybe they’ll find a better singer in the future, or maybe not, time will tell about that and after all this album is still new so no need to worry about that. This album has a very good sound and at the same time short and to the point with ten tracks and 36 minutes of playing time, I would say that it sounds very much like a quality product.

I have enjoyed listening to this album, the songs are very good and offers a very good feel of moroseness and a sense of inner dark comes through the ten tracks when I listen to this album. I think they convey these emotions, maybe of an addict, very well and it is an album that is very enjoyable. And if this is a representation of how this band sound I think I need to dig deeper into their past to get to know their earlier works. Impressive work I must say and my first impression of Outshine is clearly a very positive one.

I think that there are three tracks standing out a little bit, Fallen is the best one with its great sense of anxiety and all of that. Then I enjoy the title track which I like quite a bit and the final track You Do Bad Things to Feel Alive is another excellent track which ends the album in the best possible way. So now I only play though it once or twice again to confirm what I just said before moving on to another album in the massive pile of albums I have, this is one that stands out in that pile.

Well done Outshine, I suppose this is one album that might cause some listening addictions and one that is quite recommended to anyone, no matter the musical preference.



Label: Dead Tree Music/Rambo Music
Three similar bands: Alice in Chains/Billy Idol/Tool
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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