More Catastrophe

1. Saints On Fire
2. Cross The Line
3. Mr. Long Gone
4. Last Days Of December
5. Falling Rain (Flamenco Version)
6. We Run (for Piano and Vocals)

Chandler Mogel - Vocals
Bob Katsionis - Guitars, Keyboards Tony Kash - Guitar
Sverd T. Soth - Bass
Mark Cross - Drums

We Rock You To Hell Again (2009)
Love Catastrophe (2011)



Released 30/3-2012
Reviewed 8/4-2012


metal heaven

Multi national band Outloud are back with a new EP called More Catastrophe which could be seen as a follow up to Love Catastrophe and also a disaster of an album. The cover art is clearly a catastrophe and that surely isn’t the best of starts for a band I saw last year as okay but unable to offer anything that we haven’t heard before. So in my book they clearly need to up their game if they want any interest on my part or if they want to really be able to stand out.

It is a nod back to the eighties if you consider a blatant copy of what was played then a nod back. Surely that might be considered mean but it sounds just like it was recorded then and remastered today to be released. But honestly it is three new tracks for Outloud and some different versions of tracks and an older one and it sounds more or less like it was from the latest album, it is stylistically the same. And listening to this EP you cannot help thinking that they haven’t really come anywhere at all with these new tracks, they probably were tracks sorted away when making the Love Catastrophe album. It is six tracks on the EP and they play for little over 25 minutes.

The songs are okay, you can listen to them all without vomiting, actually The Last Days of December is a quite good song so the risk of vomit is quite small. But at the same time why get this if you have heard and made an opinion of the Love Catastrophe album? There’s no reason unless you are a fan of the band needing to have everything they release, there are the same kind of tracks that are as good on the album as well and then you get a real album not just four decent and two stupid tracks. There is nothing making this EP a good buy, it is too short for parties or in the car, it is too uninteresting to sit down and listen to, maybe a good album if you are making pasta for dinner or something other that doesn’t require any time. But in all honesty it is an EP that is geared towards those who are already fans of this band.

I cannot recommend this EP to anyone who isn’t a fan of the band, the music feels old and has already been done a million times before and none of the tracks is fantastic which makes it even more uninteresting, had there been one fantastic track on the EP it would have been more interesting but still not enough. A waste of money for most of us and a pointless collectors thing for the fans.




Label: AOR Heaven/Germusica
Three similar bands: L.A. Guns/Def Leppard/Bai Bang
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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