One Without

1. The Lies
2. Systematic Suffering
3. Numbers
4. Involuntary Suicide

Catrin Feymark - Vocals
Joonas Niskanen - Guitars
Kenny Boufadene - Guitars, Screams
Joni Kaartinen - Bass
Håkan Strind - Drums

Thoughts of a Secluded Mind (2009)
Sweet Relief (2011)


Numbers was produced, mixed and mastered by Joonas Niskanen and Kenny Boufadene with cover art by Markus Mönttinen.

Released 24/6-2012
Reviewed 27/6-2012


Swedish band One Without are releasing a new EP that you can either download for free from them, or you can buy it digitally and sponsor them. It has a robotic hand on the cover art and is entitled numbers. It is the third release by One Without following their two albums Thoughts of a Secluded Mind and Sweet Relief, I would say that this EP does not really feel that interesting a release as the prior albums. With EPs I have always had the question, why? I have always liked albums and this EP is said to be showing what kind of direction the band will move in for the third album that they will release in a near future I suppose, why is that? I think teasing fans with EPs worked in the past when people bought records but now. I guess they know something I don’t. The cover art is not that promising and neither is that EP fact but then again you will never know what to expect.

I would call it like this: If you have heard One Without before you can quite easily imagine how they sound on this EP as well as there isn’t really anything new here. It is the same Catrin on vocals, the same modern melodic sound and the same growling Kenny giving the songs the same dynamics as before. The sound is tip top and it can be said to be a very well produced four track EP that will play for just over 16 minutes, 16 minutes that shows a slight variation but not much and it does not really show anything new so if this EP is any sort of indication I would say that the upcoming album will be in the exact same style as Sweet Relief which was a well received album by us. I think the band once again show that they are really skilled when it comes to creating a modern metallic sound.

The Lies is the opening track of this EP and this is one brilliant song, catchy, heavy, dynamic, modern and just a great piece of music. It is in line with the great songs we have heard before from One Without and it alone merits a need to look into this EP. However, following this song there isn’t that much of interest but decent songs that feels more like leftovers from Sweet Relief than something fresh and new. In the end this EP ends up being rather good, sure it might feel a bit disappointing when looking at how it begins but if you put it on repeat you will have time to play it through several times. But to be completely honest, this EP might be good but there is no real point in it, is it? Besides the opener I don’t think any of the songs are really good enough for One Without whom I have come to consider a very good band and seeing them releasing songs that are just good is not enough to spark an interest for that material by that band. I will bring on The Lies but the rest will probably be flushed down the interactive drain now that I have reviewed the EP.

Anyway, maybe this isn’t the greatest release ever by One Without but they do show for solid music and a very high quality production. A band I have come to enjoy a lot and one of the greatest band to emerge over the last two or three years, and if this is any indication there is clearly a cause for looking towards their next album with anticipation, this EP however isn’t really that interesting even though there is one great track on it.



Label: Self released
Three similar bands: Lacuna Coil/Evanescence/Within Tempation
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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