Offensive Ground

1.Game of dice
2.Have faith in yourself
4.Walking in shadows
5.Gates of hell

Alvaro Araya Leon - vocals
Tian Mammola - guitar
Anton Andersson - guitar
Martin Tornberg - bass
Marcus Larsson - drums and percussion




Released 2012
Reviewed 28/11-2012


From Luleå in the northernmost parts of Sweden hails this quintet of progressive rockers who recently released their first ever EP which happens to be their first ever release and for that they have been featured on some radio show or something like that which can be read about on their website. They did also contact us to be reviewed here at our hallowed pages, I wonder if they know about our reviewing methods or that we are more prone to lower ratings than higher ones, maybe they just wanted to chance it or something. After all they start with a game of dice and then knock on the gates of hell or something in that fashion but what shall we then make of this five track EP?

Well, we can say that it is a progressive rock EP, with five tracks that show a lot of imagination and musical fantasies. The singer reminds me of someone from a Finnish band, say the guy who sings in Sentenced or something similar and that suits their music really well. And the production is really good as well giving the illusion that this band has been at it for a long time and not just recently released their first ever release, they sound very mature and really skilled in their craft. Judging by the quality of the production of this EP one might imagine that this band has a very interesting future ahead of them.

I think that all five tracks on this EP are really good with the opening Game of Dice as perhaps slightly better than the rest but that is just slightly. I think this EP is both exciting and interesting and of course it is great as well and when I reach the end of the EP I just feel that it would be nice to play it again, and again so maybe the playing time of 22 minutes i just right for this little EP.

So, in the end all I can do is tip my hat or the cap to these guys, this EP is a great first effort and one that I really enjoy playing even though it is maybe a bit on the short side as it is an EP but at the same time the songs are good and interesting enough to be entertaining even if you play it a few times in a row. I would say that there is a bright future awaiting this band, that is of course if the world was a fair place which it unfortunately is not but that should not stop you from enjoying a good listen to the EP which is something I recommend you to do. You can enjoy the EP below the review text, that is a service we provide or actually it is the band that does and we link to it.

And then all that remains is to remind you to put the name Offensive Ground in your memory banks, because in a fair world it is a name to remember.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Sentenced/Coexistence/Savatage
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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