01. Rigid
02. Concrete Hills
03. Lockpick
04. Electrical Potential
05. Dodging Pitfalls
06. Living In The Rain

Robin Stjerndorff - everything




Released 11/11-2011
Reviewed 12/2-2012


In relation to a bashing of a boring repetitive band we received an email from Robin Stjerndorff the man behind the Niss one man band, the debut EP from this project is called Inspiriando and has a cover that could be considered captivating. According to the promo information that accompanies this EP the guy says that he is not looking towards a money aspect of his project but more using as a means to track his evaluation. Niss is about experimentation in the music and there are free downloads available from the bandcamp site of the project if you are interested in looking further at it. It is an album that has taken me quite some time to get to writing this review but now I have finally managed after playing it many times. Is it as interesting as it could appear at first glance? Well, guess you’ll find out if you read further on.

Musically it can be called avantgarde or post-metal have I read in some positive reviews about this album that I found on the so-called internet. Instrumental atmospheric and experimental music which you could describe as loosely based in the metal music. Although there are metallic influences it is a lot more than that with many experimental touches like wind on the strings of the electric guitar but also picking up electrical interference through the mikes of the guitar. The music is very atmospheric over the six tracks as well, tempo changed with many time signatures and there are a lot more and is rather difficult to accurately describe in words but lets say that it is very complex and experimental. Each song is created with a certain feeling in mind which is something that creates a big variation amongst the six tracks and 27 minutes for which the album plays, and this is done while still keeping something of a similar soundscape making it somewhat coherent.

I think instrumental music can be extremely dull if made just slightly wrong, the melodies and sound needs to retain an interest that is so much easier retained in music with a singer as lack of variations and interesting melodies can be hidden with good vocals. I think though that Niss does what instrumental music should be about, pushing boundaries and makes melodies that can be both complex and different. It is a kind of music that requires you to listen rather than just hear and Inspiriando clearly shows the skill and imagination of this guy Robin, I think that in most regards this is both an interesting and good album, especially considering that it is a debut.

There are some things a critic has to remark about though, some parts feels a bit cut and unfinished, and there are some parts that are a bit slow and sleepy when the music becomes a bit repetitive. These are however small remarks but gives an overall sense that it is not all finished, but the thing is that we all see things differently and there might be ideas there that I haven’t thought of. Still, I think it is safe to say that this is not a fantastic piece of work but it is an exciting musical journey through feelings, ideas and atmospheres and despite the small niggles I mentioned it still feels fresh and exciting and that is something not many musical pieces do today. And I do think that the remarks I have is the same that pop up for almost all instrumental pieces.

In the end I can say that Niss’ Inspiriando is one exciting prospect and interesting start to something that can turn out to become very good and exciting seen in a longer perspective. There are things for Robin to evolve in his music but those are not big things and that makes me believe that we might very soon see something much more exciting. So, hat’s of for Robin and his project, it is fresh, exciting and good and that is not the easiest thing to achieve in today’s musical climate.




Label: Self Released
Three similar bands: What Mad Universe/Tool/Opeth
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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