... of Old

1. ... Execute
2. Dark Cave and Smoke
3. ... of Old
4. Growing Moon
5. The Blood and the Flesh
6. Armageddon
7. The Deep
8. Devastating Storm

Angmar - vocals and drums
Grave (a.k.a. Thanatos) - guitars & bass




Released 19/12-2011
Reviewed 5/9-2012


Alright, let me give you a few examples of what I mean: the Volvo car design from model 140 and onwards, the sharp edge where you have your wrists on the MacBook and MacBook Pro, Manufacturing of things in China, F1 races is China, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, India, Valencia and Korea. Taxes, Mitt Romney, the right to bear arms. These are all things that like Mystagog’s ...of Old should have been abandoned on an idea stage and never been realised, ever. The world would surely have been much better without having to live with the grotesque Volvo Cars, the user killing MacBooks but who said Apple ever did consider the fact that the things was to be used by humans? Child labourers don’t know quality control, that is a fact. Why does the best sport in the world have to visit those really dull circuits and those in nations where human rights are not considered important? The answer is money and that comes in part from taxes, the financial system should be annihilated as should conservative idiots who are afraid of anything that isn’t old and stagnant, like the republicans in the US. How can the right to bear arm be a sign of freedom? If carrying weapons publicly are allowed why isn’t killing allowed, or raping children, or anything else undesirable that some may find desirable? Anyway, ...of Old is one of these things that makes the world a less good place to live in.

Reviewers say that they have nothing unique to offer and that they are either inspired by- or copying Darkthrone. The reviews range from bad to very good. The style can be said to be black metal of the old school, the norwegian school as well. It is murky in sound, the singer sound like a coughing old smoker with COPD who coughs or talks weirdly rather than sings. The album is 35 minutes long which is more than enough to start thinking about ending your life, fortunately you can end the album prematurely to think of other things.

This is really bad, I mean imagine being in a room. It has white walls and one door that is locked, no windows and no ventilation. It is quite warm and the air is a bit stale, the walls are sort of yellowing when you look a bit closer at them. The floor is a bit slippery or maybe your shoes does not really grip the shiny dark marble floor that is recently polished making the walls sort of shine in their whiteness. Now imagine this room being full of angry wasps, so many that you cannot even see the walls. It is that bad.

But the thing is, I can live with bad as long as it is has something to offer but remember that pile of records in a review not long ago? if you do, this one suits that pile really well, now the pile will really be taller than the foss. So this album isn’t only bad, it is also completely without identity as it offers absolutely nothing that will make you think of someone with an idea. If this world’s inventors had been as imaginative as this band I would have been carving this review into the face of a rock inside a cave and then filled it with some red colour to make it more readable (the carving device and the paint would have been amazing to use, and there would be many to chose from). Oh, and the letters would be symbols like mammoths and people with spears and it would be really open for interpretation what the ending symbol of a spear piercing two guys with instruments at the end of the line of symbolises.



Label: Neverheard Distro/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Witchcraft/Diecold/Darkthrone
Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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