Memories of a Dead Man

01. Tomorrow at Dawn
02. On the Heights of Despair
03. Under the Cross
04. Meshi'ha
05. Good Mourning Child
06. Insomniac Animal
07. An Ode to Myself
08. Trismegistus King
09. Leave Scars
10. Diving Bell and Butterfly
11. INRI

Ben D - Lead Guitars
Pierre D - Vocals
Tony G - Guitar
Audrey H - Bass/Backing Vocals
Thomas S - Keyboards/Sampler/Violin
Jef E - Drums

Memories of a Dead Man (EP 2007)
Beyond the Legend (2009)
MAZE (EP 2011)


Produced by Etienne Sarthou
Mastered by Lindberg Magnus

Released 20/4-2012
Reviewed 17/7-2012


What would be the memories remaining in a dead man’s mind, or what are the memories of a dead man? to which are they referring? the dead man’s memories or someone’s memories of this dead man. This album with this strange title which seems to be an abbreviation or some sort, but it could also point towards the band not really having any confidence in their own work with this their second album. There is talk about post metal stuff along with hardcore intensity but also with dreamy ambiences that will take you on a journey to space, at least if we are to believe what is said in the press information. That is something that could be a testimony of fascinating music, but on the other hand what about the space journey then?

Well, I don’t think that you should expect a journey to the ISS, not even an imaginary one through the art of music because I don’t think that the dreamy ambient stuff is really a space travelling source of fuel. From the description it would seem as thought the music on this album would be quite dynamic with the dreamy parts to the hardcore parts, that would be something of a dynamic album. And sure it is dynamic but not really as dynamic as one would expect and the reason for this is in the heavier hardcore stuff which aren’t as heavy and hardcorish as I think they should have been which makes the album a bit less dynamic than it could have been. The production gives a solid sound, nothing fancy or brilliant or overwhelmingly unique but good enough for a musical production of today. One thing that can speak a bit against this album is the long playing time of over 56 minutes along with the lack of expected dynamics which could make it feel like plays for a bit longer than it should.

I think this is a good album and it will probably appeal to many fans of the post-metal genre or of bands like the similar ones, it is well made, well written and dynamic as well as varied over the playing time. One problem though is the lack of dynamics and variation and this makes you feel like there is something missing from this album, like it could have been so much better and this is something that bothers me the entire time I listen to this album. It is good but not as good as it should have been I suppose and as it is so fascinating with depth and great atmospheres and all of those interesting and fascinating stuff it feels a bit like shame as you just keep thinking that it could have been better and not really focus on how good it really is. It is a bit disturbing that it is like that.

So in the end this album becomes a bit of a mixed emotion for this album, as it is good with so many positive aspects you feel that it is a good album and an interesting, atmospheric one as well. Then you starts listening a bit closer that at first glance you starts to notice things like the fact that it isn’t as heavy as it should have been to be really dynamic and this lack of dynamics makes it feel a bit bland which is no good. So even if it is a good album from these frenchmen you cannot help thinking that there’s more to come from them and that this album doesn’t quite live up to their full potential. Still, as I said if you like the kind of music that the similar bands play I am sure this might appeal to you as this is good music.



Label: Klonosphere/Season of Mist
Three similar bands: Cult of Luna/The Ocean/Rosetta
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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