Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Grantig/Letzte Instanz/Rammstein
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Kamikaze
02. Fritz H.
03. Begraben
04. Fleisch
05. Stück für Stück
06. Gladiator
07. Wiedergänger
08. Stalingrad - Kanonenfutter
09. Stalingrad - Untergang
10. Stalingrad - Das Kreuz
Ltd. edition bonus tracks:
11. Zeit Der Zeiten
12. Bomber
13. Hoellenfeuer
14. Macbeth

Olli Hippauf - Vocals
Ralf Klein - Guitars
Alexander Kopp - Guitars
Hanjo Papst - Bass
Simon Mengs - Drums

Macbeth (2006)
Gotteskrieger (2009)

Patrick W. Engel - drums

Produced by Patrick W. Engel

Released 28/9-2012
Reviewed 3/11-2012


Germany’s Macbeth are back with a new album which is called back predecessor according to google translate which is a rubbish service, google sucks by the way. And what better day to review a German album than the day that Sebastian Vettel was excluded from the qualifying for the Abu Dhabi GP in Formula 1, he will start last, joy of joys. Unfortunately this album isn’t as happy news as the F1 news but it has a cool cover and it is the second official album by this legendary band who has been around for ever, which means since 1985 but since they were sort of oppressed by the DDR-people since they are from East Germany and it wasn’t since the wall fell in 1989 that they finally were free to go about there business and from that things happened fast and they released their self titled and self financed debut in 2006 and since then two albums has arrived of which this one is the latest.

It is thrash metal with german vocals, impressively produced and quite powerful. The vocals are sung with aggression and according to their label their lyrics are better than around 95% of vocals sung in German, lets just take their word for it. They also have a lot of energy I would say and the songs almost have a slight epic feel to them, although you cannot really say that they do break anything that can be called new ground for the genre. The album has ten tracks and if you have a limited edition package you will get an additional four tracks, and you can describe it as a solid high quality package production- and soundwise.

I would say that this is a good album, there is no denying that and apparently much better than their countryman Vettel’s ability to produce a legal fuel sample. However, without loosing track on my writing, I only involve the happy F1 news today since I didn’t have much to say about this album, it is one of those good albums that never really takes off with good songs and powerful energy they make surprisingly bland music. It is not bad and maybe if you like the german thrash metal and music sung in german then you’ll probably find this likeable as well. I on the other hand found it very difficult to muster up words to say anything about it to be honest.

I think this review could be said like this: typical aggressive thrash metal with German vocals, well produced with good sound and aggression for those who needs to hear everything decent in the genre. I would say, good but could be better if it had some focal points. It is however a slight improvement on their previous album.



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