Nothin' But Death

1. Nothing But Death
2. A Cold Summer Day
3. Free from all your fears
4. Empty
5. The Dance
6. Fuck you (I love myself)
7. Passion kills
8. Sick love
9. Together
10. Dimenticherai

Alessandro Sforza- Guitar, vocals
Fabio Valentini- Guitar
Alessandro Esposito- Bass
Andrea Alberati- Drums



Recorded and mixed at 16th Cellar Studios by Stefano “Saul” Morabito and m
Mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Borgren.
Artwork by Sergio Monfrinotti (Adhiira Art).

Released 19/6-2012
Reviewed 21/9-2012

bakerteam records

When hearing the first song of Lykaion’s debut album I believe that it is a Finnish band that I am listening to, maybe even Sentenced as it is frighteningly similar to that band. But when looking closer and hearing the final track I realise that it is an Italian band that I am hearing, they sound very Finnish. Before this album being released by Bakerteam Records they have managed four self financed EP’s so they do have some experience making music. But what about this band, other than the fact that they seem inspired by Finnish rockers like Sentenced and To/Die/For?

Well, we have already been touching upon the music which sounds very Finnish where even the accent sound similar to the one of Finnish singers. Rough vocals are paired with quite catchy music, quite high paced and energetic. I would maybe even call it a touch raw but still with a very melodic sense to it, good production I think one might call it. Not overly varied but there are some touches of variation like the finishing track sung in Italian, although one might call it a bit unimaginative considering the fact that you don’t really think of the music of Lykaion but more of their Finnish inspirations.

I would like to call this a good album, especially if you are a fan of the music made by a band Like Sentenced. The songs are quite good, the first one especially but also the finishing song works really well. Ten tracks and 37 minutes is what we get, so short and to the point, not too long and no real discernible flaws of another kind either. Just the one major flaw which concerns the fact that Lykaion has no real own sound but sounds more like some band from the land of the thousand lakes, you might even say that they have a bit of perkele in their sound. Thing is though that this makes this band and especially this album a bit superfluous as there are already albums like this available and you might already have some of them.

To summarise I would call this a good album that is geared to those who cannot get enough of Sentenced and wants to hear more music sounding more or less exactly like Sentenced, so if Sentenced are your household gods it will be a real treat for you. If they aren’t and you are only loosely interested in that kind of music you probably have one or two albums already and then this album will not really add anything of real value. But I will have to end by saying that this is a very good album with likeable songs but Lykaion will need to find a sound of their own to appeal to a wider audience.



Label: Bakerteam Records
Three similar bands: Sentenced/To/Die/For/Him
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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