Where Angels Fear

1. Antidote to you
2. Still an angel
3. Thousand suns
4. Feel my revenge
5. Bad blood
6. All behind
7. Gone are the days
8. I am
9. Broken (into pieces)
10. Where angels fear
11. Stay

Tanja Lainio – Vocals
Sami Leppikangas – Guitar
Sauli Kivilahti – Guitar
Heavy Hiltunen – Bass
Jukka Outinen – Drums

Sweet Desire (1999)
Be My God (2001)
Crucify My Heart (2003)
Vol. 4 (2005)

Jaakko Nieminen - Cello
Heikki Pöyhiä - Shouts
Sonnikuoro - Shouts

Produced by Mikko Herranen
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
Aila Leppikangas - Illustrations, Photography

Released 16/4-2012
Reviewed 4/8-2012

scarlet records

Lullacry are back after a few years absence, not that I did notice but now I have listened to their first album since 2005 to see if the band who managed some great songs in the past are back with a vengeance or not. I recall how I got their album Be My God to hear them before seeing them as a warm up act for Edguy during their Mandrake tour, the title track on that album is fantastic as is the track Embrace Me but the rest of the album is not so great. The same goes for the follow up album which featured another Tanja on vocals after Tanya left the band, the new singer was not as good in my opinion but still a good singer and the album had some greatness mixed in with average stuff and it seems to be how it has been on the albums by Lullacry that I have heard. Still, I was curious about this album as I have always liked this band despite them not really being that great because they always offer us some fantastic moments in between their mediocrity.

So, is there any audible difference to this album after seven years absence? Well, I will have to say, not really. It is the same poppish hardrock music with a modern edge that it has been for as long as I have heard them. The songs are built around the choruses making the entire album fit for being played on the radio as they are all easy to get into with their simple song structures built around the distinct chorus. So, it is more or less the same as it was last time I heard them, maybe the production is somewhat better but it might not be. All eleven songs have hit potential and they play for a modest 44 minutes.

But is it any good? Well, I would say that it is. The songs are powerful, catchy and good and Tanja sings very well so yes it is a good album. I cannot say though that it is not really diverse enough to be really interesting in the long run, there are some really good stuff like Feel My Revenge where Tanja sings a duet with producer Mikko Herranen then there are one or two more of the really good songs before the end of the album but still, all in all it is the same as always. Some good stuff but the overall impression is that it is a good album, no more, no less.

So, seven years hasn’t really changed that much it will still be the right album to play in the car or at a party or something similar, something where you aren’t really in the need to really pay attention. They are quite simple and to the point all the time and even though they in all honesty is a typical band that reach the four H rating in this webzine their music is still appealing. I would say that in the end we find it being business as usual for Lullacry, some hit songs on a decent album that you just cannot help liking a lot. So Lullacry are back in the same triumphant way as they have always arrived, so if you are a fan get this album.



Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: Warlock/Sinergy/Lacuna Coil
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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