Lecherous Gaze
On The Skids

Label: Tee Pee/Gordeon
Three similar bands: Thin Lizzy/The Misfits/Annihilation Time
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm
1. Lyin' In The Road
2. Scorpion
3. Bagagazo
4. Fustrated
5. Born On A River
6. Ravenous
7. War Woman
8. Passion Flower
9. Lucifera
10. The Grasp
11. Redeemer

Graham Clise (Guitars)
Chris Grande (Bass)
Noel Sullivan (Drums)
Zaryan Zaidi (Vocals)

Bagagazo (EP 2012)


Jordan Joseffer (Photography)
Tim Lehi (Artwork)
Carl Saff (Mastering)
Greg Wilkinson (Producer)
recorded in Oakland's Earhammer Studios

Released 9/10-2012
Reviewed 28/11-2012

tee pee

I think Lecherous Gaze has reasoned a little bit like this when they wrote the music for 'On The Skids': writy writy - I'm writing the musicish. The result is a rock 'n' roll album that sound more low-budget than K-mart and Wal-mart combined - and they are both really low-budget so you know it's a cheap album!

The cover don't give you a promising feeling and the only thing to credit is the powerful colours. The motive is a random dude with the top of his skull removed, like Eddie on the 'X-Factor' album but much more low-budget, and then some genius has put an ice cream scope in the brain. Looking at the cover I think the artist has reasoned a little bit like this when he painted it: painty painty - I'm painting the coverish. Resulting in the hideous cover which you can see top left. If the music is as low-budget as K- and Wal-Mart combined, then the cover is as low-level as a pre pre-school class. Can you imagine how ridiculous one pre pre-school kid are - then imagine a whole bunch of them!

But, in all this puerility there is a serious point to be made, which is the whole picture. Providing the whole picture for Lecherous Gazes' album it might not be as bad as it sound when you break it down, because breaking it down is not where this albums got its looks. Take the vocalist as an example, he sounds very much like a magpie croaking worse than a crow with a serious raven complex and as we've mentioned the cover provides you with a feeling of premature children and the sound of low-budget shopping. But providing the whole picture and the music isn't as bad as this broken down picture might suggest. I think 'On The Skids' is both rocking and rollin' around those 37 minutes it last, which in itself is a positive thing as the many compromising things with the album would get pretty negative for the album had it kept going for a long time. But now it ends before we get fed up with it and the dirty hard kickin' rock 'n' roll we get is not suffering from the normal "make as much as possible of the same thing and the result will be astonishing" disease that most bands seems to suffer from these days. When bands to that I often just want to paint the albums red and put them somewhere where an enraged ox can put its horns through it, but not with Lecherous Gaze - they know their limit well and gives us just the right amount - leave them urging for more (not less)!

I think the kind of people that will really like this album is the same kind of genius that placed the scope in the brain of the cover figure, but to think it's decent is quite easy actually. Had they only had another vocalist I would even say it's a good album, but as they haven't - as they've hired the spokes ox for the Oxymoron company and then recorded it on the one day when this ox has lost his voice then you get what you get, which is what you hear on this album. The music breathe the 70's rock 'n' roll air and was hastily educated in the school led by pioneers of punk rock - making the music fast and raw. It's like we've taken all the founding fathers of rock 'n' roll from the ancient past, bunched them in to a blender (probably quite a big blender) and then pushed play. And by doing so they've turned the grey haired musicians in to a refreshing drink (bloody mary?) with a taste of brain from Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath and some other pioneers of rock. But it doesn't taste as good as it could have done with a better bartender.

I say it's decent, a doubtful pass, and probably I've sounded like a ranting swede through this review…



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