Find Your Purpose

1. We Can't Go On
2. Can't You Hear Me
3. Everybody
4. Find Your Purpose
5. Take A Step Back
6. It's Not Over
7. Hold On
8. Blame The Silence
9. Forgotten Generation
10. Blessing For Life
11. The Mark

Vocals - Daniel Heiman
Guitar - Manne Engström
Bass - Henric Carlsson
Guitar - Andreas Olavi
Drums - Chris Silver



Produced by Lavett and recorded at Studiomega in Varberg, Sweden

Released 9/12-2012
Reviewed 13/12-2012


Lavett is something related to a cannon or a machine gun in Swedish, which is a silly name for a band when you think about. It looks like an evil hand is escaping through the stargate to attack Earth in a very handish way, the question is what General Hammond shall do about this, maybe call O’Neill or someone. It is a band of experience and this album is their first one under this moniker but all guys have toured extensively with other bands so they are not new. But what about this album, is the title any indication? are they looking to find their purpose?

Well, I think you can say that they are as their music feels a bit schizophrenic in that it is power metal with some metalcore elements and some growling added to the clean vocals. It feels a bit like a mismatch to be honest and that makes the album a bit strange. The singer Heiman is great and one of the better vocalists of the metal genre but here they think he does not do enough and adds some growls just to throw things off a bit or something like that. The production is fairly typical of modern metal and no surprises there, the sound is quite good and not overly heavy despite the growly stuff which I think is quite poor.

The album in itself is rather good I would say but it fails to give a lasting impression, it becomes a bit bland actually. It is good to listen to this album but as soon as it ends, I forget it and every song on it and that despite them having such a catchy vocalist doing the singing for most of the time. The album does not quite live up to these guys potential I would say and maybe we should call it a bit of a disappointment even if it is a quite good album.

In the end this is a bit of a forgetful album with some stuff you just have to ask why they are there and some stuff that is amiss. A solid hit song would have helped this album a lot, but the biggest problem is still the silly growls they use so skip them and focus on writing great catchy tunes and we will have a winner in the future. Lets blame this album being middle of the road on the fact that they are finding their purpose.



Label: Roastinghouse/Germusica
Three similar bands: Lost Horizon/Crystal Eyes/Dead by April
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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