Kvlt of Hiob
Thy Kingly Mask

1. The Lord’s Prayer
2. Witches Wine
3. Sacrament
4. Le Moine
5. Procession Of The Burning Eyes
6. Ultima Tempestas
7. Abominations Of The Earth
8. Theos
9. Conclave Ends

DeathKvlt Prayer - All Instruments and music
Human Antithesis - All Incantations and psalms

Kvlt of Hiob (2011)


Except Sacrament, Ultima Tempestas and Theos written by Dorn for KOH.
Mixed and Mastered by A.O.D. at the Hall of the Mountain King | January MMXII.

Released 18/5-2012
Reviewed 15/9-2012

wtc production

Amazing, another one of those darkened bands who thinks they are from somewhere in the west of Scandinavia, a band who clearly enjoys their Bible fictions considering their use of a name from that book. Granted it is spelled differently in this case compared to the usual book of books but maybe they are tested by the omnipotent as well. Or maybe something else, they do try to look evil up to a point that the text colour choice of the bandcamp site makes it completely unreadable, which just seems stupid. The names of the duo are just silly aliases that reminds of many bands from Norway, those bands are usually completely uninteresting but sure there are, or rather might be, exceptions to this rule and this could possibly be it.

Atmospheric evilness is what this band would hope I describe them, I mean they have even ordered their logo from Pentagram AB who are listed on the Stockholm stock exchange right now for 666 SEK a share. That gives them a very uninteresting look as that company isn’t really that brilliant on selling attitudes, but of course music is more than attitudes and this band has an abundance of sounds that are strange. Sort morosish black metal that as usual is neither heavy nor evil or dark, just slow and grunty. The vocals sounds like one of those Ghosts and Goblins out of Scooby-Doo which makes me think of the episode Mystery Mask Mix-up from the Scooby-Doo Where are You television show which by the way both looks and sounds a lot better than this album.

I do not like this album, not even the Scooby-Doo reminders makes it better than it is, which is shit. And to be honest it sounds completely uninteresting, but I know that there are a few people who likes this kind of music and what is most positive with this album is that it is slightly better produced than most of these albums are which at least makes it sound better than being produced in a basement with crackling concrete walls and a floor where the paint is deteriorating to a fine dust that you inhale until many years later you die from a strange lung failure due to prolonged exposure to led based paint. But honestly even for those few who likes this kind of music I have my doubts, after all it is nothing unique and we have heard it all before, many times.

Maybe this is God’s attempt of testing my faith like he did with Job or אִיוֹב as he is called in Hebrew, not that there is any need for such tests and if it is used as a test I think I would fail because this is almost worse than torture. But I guess that if you like black metal in general you will probably like this, but I find it silly and will now change to Scooby-Doo Where are You instead.



Label: W.T.C. Productions/Infektion PR
Three similar bands: Blut Aus Nord/Scooby-Doo Villains/I Shalt Become
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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