Welcome to the Crossroads

01. Down At The Crossroads
02. Better Off Dead
03. Party's Over
04. Now A Word From Our Sponsors
05. TV's Just A Medium
06. Lost For Words
07. Sydney In The Summertime
08. Sometimes
09. Money Talks, It Says Goodbye
10. Let's Go Crazy
11. Hold On (electric version)
12. Take It Like A Man

Lex Koritni - Vocals
Eddy Santacreu - Guitars
Luke Cuerden - Guitars
Chris Brown - Drums
Dean Matt Hunter - Bass

2007: Lady Luck
2008: Red Live Joint (CD+DVD) - live
2009: Game of Fools
2010: No More Bets

Jeff Scott Soto
Rusty Brown
Jeff Waters

Mixed by Mike Fraser & Dean Maher

Artwork by Mark Wilkinson

Released 9/4-2012
Reviewed 15/6-2012


Australian hardrock, if I were to say that I guess that the first thing that springs to mind for you is some kind of electrical current, isn’t it? Yeah, I knew that you would say that. But there’s more and one of the up and coming australian hard rockers are Koritni a band led by charismatic singer Lex Koritni, about that charismatic thing I am not certain though as that is from the press information accompanying this record. It is the third studio album from this band and it is said to be their most solid to date and as far as I am concerned it is the most solid I have heard as it is the only one I have heard. Welcome to the Crossroads is the name of this beast and it features twelve tracks and has a playing time of fifty minutes.

Musically it is hardrock in its purest of forms, straight to the point, catchy choruses, simple yet effective melodies, singer with an energetic voice, just an uncomplicated and direct approach to the rock music. It is nothing that will put any bigger demands on you as a listener, you either take it to you or dismiss it immediately, simple as that. There is not that much variation over the course of this album either, the production is rather good in that it sounds modern yet with a slight edge to it which is true to the rocking spirit. Some would probably call it party rock and why not? after all it has lyrics that seems to be related to such occasions and looking at the song titles one can’t help but imagining that there is a touch of humour present in these guys in difference to some other bands I have come across. Simple, catchy, a bit of a laugh and straight to the point, as hardrock is in its purest of forms.

I think good, thanks for asking. It is upbeat rock music with a positive feel to it and you just cannot help liking it as it is simply a good listen. It is simple to take to it and you immediately know that this is going to be an enjoyable on to listen to as soon as you hear the first song which is the title track that is also one of two tracks I see as something of standout tracks. The other one of these is Sydney in the Summertime which I suppose is better than the 2012 summer we are experiencing here thanks to global warming. But we will also get a word from the sponsors and as that wasn’t enough we also learns what money talks about. The thing is though that I cannot imagine that you will rate this as one of the best albums ever, neither will you consider it fantastic in any regard but it will put a smile on your face and that is definitely worth something.

So I think that if you like the similar bands then you’ll probably enjoy this as much, it is a great album to play at a party or when doing chores during you summer vacation or while driving. It is one of those great albums to have as a background while doing things that detracts ever so slightly from paying full attention to the music, not that it falls apart when looking closer but the nature of the album makes it less of an enjoyment that way as it is a bit monotone to remain interesting for fifty minutes if you pay attention. If you pay slightly less attention you’ll probably find this a great experience and what better way to end then saying that Koritni is definitely approved and even if they aren’t the best in music they will no doubt put a smile on your face and isn’t that all that matters?



Label: Verycords
Three similar bands: AC/DC /Buckcherry/Sin Sity Sinners
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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