All Erodes

1. In ruins
2. Just Another Host
3. Dead Seas
4. Give It Meaning
5. Death Throes
6. Winter Came Upon Us
7. Armo
8. Eyes To The Sun
9. All Like Serpents (Remix)

Fredrik Kihlberg - Guitar, Keyboard
Jan Jämte - Vocals
Johannes Persson - Guitar

2004: Tsunami
2006: The Second Wave
2010: A Final Storm



Released 5/11-2012
Reviewed 6/12-2012

pelagic records

Swedish Khoma are apparently ending the story which has been told in their highly acclaimed opening trio of albums, or was it just that they called this new album All Erodes an ending chapter of that thing. Anyways it is the band’s fourth album and I have to admit that as far as I know I have never heard this band before getting this album. But I suppose that it is never too late to get to know a new band thanks to the labels who sends us millions of albums which is great. And now it is this album’s turn to be looked at and I would say that it is a band you notice amongst all these albums you get as a reviewer.

The music is atmospheric rock music that is never heavy just atmospheric with a general sense of sadness through it, it is also an album with an epic sense to it and I would say that it comes out like it is trying to tell me a story. Have you heard Radiohead? if you have I can say that this band is a bit similar to Radiohead and I also just came to think of Grande Luxe who we reviewed and interviewed some time back. It is also an album with a very good production, the sound is quite excellent I will have to say and overall you get the sense of a band who is working carefully to put out the music they really look for. I would call this album a quality product, it is really well made in most regards.

The nine tracks on this album are all excellent even though none really has any real hit character, the album feels more like a unity where the songs all come together to create a great whole. It is an album to really enjoy and to take in, sure it may not be fast paced or very varied but it still feels adventurous and like it always goes forwards without stopping or becoming dull. It also offers a bit of excitement and I do really enjoy the atmospheres it conveys, it is definitely a good album and one that I think will appeal to most people no matter the musical preference, this will just work for almost anyone. An album that is well worth taking a look at no matter who you are is what that means.

Like it wasn’t difficult enough to pick the second half of this year’s top ten list, this albums adds another one to consider amongst the five pointers I have to pick for that list. It is an album that does it all really well and has no real weaknesses just another album to check out as I think it will appeal to most of you. Which in short means that you should look for the name Khoma and their All Erodes as it is one album that will most likely be enjoyable album for you.



Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Cult of Luna/Radiohead/Muse
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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