Karnak Seti
In Harmonic Entropy

01. Long Gone Shadow
02. Only Red Mist Descends
03. Loss
04. Among The Sleepless
05. Golden Age Of Downfalls
06. Luctor Et Emergo
07. Stranded By Existence
08. Figureless Icons
09. Collateral Dreams

António Jesus - Guitars
Claudio Aguiar - Bass
Luis Barreto - Drums
Luis Erre - Vocals
Renato Ramos - Guitar

Scars of your Decay (2009)

Shore Filipe Costa - vocals

Lyrics and Vocal Melody created by Nelson Nascimento
Artwork by Ana Gomes http://www.artofanagomes.com
Recorded at UltrasoundStudios Braga
Produced by Daniel Cardoso

Released 6/2-2012
Reviewed 23/2-2012


This band has a name that incorporates two general interests of mine, ancient Egyptian mythology and space, namely the place called Karnak where the precinct of Amun-Re is located along with some other lesser known precincts and the temple of Amenhoptep IV was located there but not much remains of that today. And Seti or S.E.T.I, the Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence which of course also can be translated into the search for intelligence considering that us humans don’t really show much of that commodity. Still it is interesting with this band having such a clever name incorporating such different subject although Egyptian mythology is often closely linked to space so maybe it is not that far fetched, look at Stargate for instance, and the title of the album also can be related to space of space travel considering the term entropy which is know from thermodynamics which is a feature of the universe. It is the second album of this portuguese band and they are releasing it themselves, although they are helped by a promotional agency whose album I usually dislike so for once on beforehand it looks like a band that I could actually rate well that is promoted by this agency which, if true, I am pleased about as I don’t like writing negative reviews.

Musically it is much related to what is called the Gothenburg style melodic death metal, it is ultra catchy and energetic. “Blistering, catchy and downright intense” is how the promo text begins and it is true. I think we should add that the guitars bears a resemblance to what Children of Bodom was doing on their earlier work but of course without the keys that were quite prominent in those albums by the finns as well. Karnak Seti has some keys but they are not really noticeable but only there to add a little atmosphere in some parts and generally you don’t take notice consciously that they are there but just a little touch here and there to add a sense of something in a certain part of a song for instance. The album has nine tracks and is 47 and a half minute long and in that time there is quite a bit of variation over these tracks and the production is really good with a sound perfectly suited for the music of Karnak Seti.

I think this album is great, there is no other word for it. Not only is it super catchy and really melodic the vocalist although a bit metalcorish is still not annoying as many growlers are, and there is some great sublime touches adding a much bigger depth to the music than you might believe at first glance. The fact is that this has gone for fifteen times now in my crapple itunes thing and many more through the PS3 through that brilliant media link program but those plays are not counted. What I want to say with this is that it is music that works well in the long run and even being played intensively like today doesn’t really make you tire of the album which is great.

I don’t really want to pick a favourite song as I find them all very good but if I really have to I think that the opening track and Golden Age of Downfalls are probably those but if you ask tomorrow the second choice might be another but the first track is definitely one of the best on the album. But the song quality of this album is quite outstanding and I would say that this probably is the best extreme metal album of the year so far, just taken out of the blue without even recollecting which albums I have reviewed this year and then I recall that it isn’t as I for some strange reason forgot the best album of the year which is an extreme metal album, silly me.

Anyway, I can really recommend this brilliant album for anyone who enjoys melodic death metal, an album you probably should not miss.




Label: Self released
Three similar bands: Children Of Bodom/Soilwork/In Flames
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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