Just Like Vinyl
Black Mass

1 Safety Word
2 Bitches Get Stitches
3 Walk You Home
4 Hours And Whiskey Sours
5 Sucks To Be You
6 Happiness Is A Hole
7 First Born
8 Pressure/Release
10 $$$
11 Lucky Stars
12 Dick

Thomas Erak - Guitar & Vocals
Jake Carden - Guitar & Vocals
Henry Batts - Bass & Backing Vocals
Jay Beaman - Drums

Just Like Vinyl (2010)

Sam McT rusty


Released 27/8-2012
Reviewed 7/11-2012

superball music

These guys are just like made out of vinyl, that is why they are named that way. It was an angel that told them that they were just like vinyl if one is to believe what the band themselves are saying. Other than that I know nothing about this Seattle based american band, other than that this band was born from the ashes of a band called The Fall of Troy which disbanded in 2010 and that was also the year when these guys released their self titled debut which is now being followed up with a black mass. That album called Black Mass is a red one with some circle and stuff on it, not really a good looking cover.

Musically they can probably be called The Fall of Troy which of course is a miswrite for post-hardcore which of course is a style these guys can be said to be subscribing to. It has a modern production and the same kind of dynamics with some hardcore screaming along with quite catchy singing, the style is quite varied seen over the album in its entirety. The album is just like vinyl in playing time with around 42 minutes, which as I said is just like vinyl. The sound is quite decent and the performances are quite alright as well, and I would call this a product of fairly good quality.

I think this is a rather good album, not overly impressive perhaps but an album that is a good listen which is quite nice because I have listened to it quite a lot. It is as I have already stated good, but nothing really memorable. It does not quite remain with me after I have played through the entire album several times but it has a bit of starting distance before you get into it. So most songs are decently written and so on but most of the album is unfortunately a bit let down by slightly poor vocals, they sound a bit too much like any other post-hardcore band out there which is not really a good thing and might be why I do not find it memorable.

There are two songs I find being quite good and those are the second track Bitches get Stitches and the eighth track called Pressure/Release. These tracks are very good tracks which I like quite a bit and the vocals works quite alright in these as well albeit there are some moments in these where the vocals aren’t that impressive either but in these songs it doesn’t matter as they are really good. Unfortunately the rest of the album isn’t quite as impressive as these two tracks. So in the end this isn’t quite a memorable album but it still is a rather good one.



Label: Superball Music
Three similar bands: The Fall Of Troy/Faith No More/At The Drive-In
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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