The Road Ends

01. Till The Day We Have To Depart
02. If I Can’t Come Down
03. Silent Grave
04. Amount To Nothing
05. Dying All Over
06. Way Out Of Here
07. For Every Abandoned Hope
08. When You Read This
09. Cemetary Blues
10. Spread My Ashes
11. What Kind Of God
12. Not On My Watch
13. Cancer Scare
14. What Could Have Been

Keld Rud Nielsen- Vocal, Guitar
Lars H Jørgensen - Bass
Stefan Korsgaard - Drums
Henrik Juul Koppel - Lead Guitar

Anti-Jukebox (1999)
Hard Words Softly Spoken (2000)
Blood on Canvas (2004)
The Dream Society (2007)


Recorded, produced and mixed by Keld Rud Nielsen
Mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm
Front Cover Photo by Jan Skriver

Released 1/2-2012
Reviewed 17/4-2012


Jerkstore can be one of two things, either a store for Hermes Konrad or a band from Denmark, a rock band from Denmark. So let us focus on the rock band as it feels like a more logical thing to write about here at Hallowed, along with some other fun stuff like HGBs and broken robots of course. There is not much info on this band on the web and there was not much that followed the record either but we have been able to deduce that it is the fifth album of Jerkstore which is named The Road Ends and has a cover showing a road that ends somewhere out of shot of the photo. It is a fascinating cover that provokes thoughts, not the most fantastic cover of all but it is a rather good one nonetheless. The label Angry Earthling is also a funny touch, I know nothing about it but it has a funny name. But what about this album that has received a myriad of mixed reviews I would say ranging from very good to average?

A quite straight rock album, powerful and strong with a fair bit of energy. But not always a straight ahead album because it is more complex than it would appear at first glance, it has some atypical touches spicing up the show so to speak. The singer is in many ways a quite typical rock singer, he has a typical voice but still with a great feel to it making him sound better than most similar bands’ singers. Production is clean yet with a hint of rebellious rock and with a groove to it, I think the sound makes it feel like a quality product. There are also quite some good variation on here, it is still kept within frame and is very coherent but as I said still with a good sense of variation. The album is fourteen tracks long which in minutes will amount to near one hour of playing time.

So what about this album then? I would say that it is a good album, solid production, solid songs and all songs are quite good, some are really good while others are good and there are some tracks that feels a bit like fillers as the album can be said to be a touch long with the one hour playing time. However that is nearly negated by the nice complex and variety of the album but it still feels like it is somewhat too long. I think that a good improvement would have been to remove one or two tracks, that would have been good enough because it is good and varied enough to remain interesting for around 55 minutes or so.

There are several good songs like for instance the opening track, track four Amount to Nothing, track seven and eight, For Every Abandoned Hope and When You Read This, these are all really good tracks that inspire. Then we of course have a pair that are great tracks like What Kind of God and the brilliant Not on My Watch, these brilliant and good tracks makes this a powerful release that I can recommend to anyone into the art of good rock music.

So it may be just a touch too long this album but with some real memorable songs to boot it still is one hell of a good album and one that I can recommend, which I have already said making me a bit repetitive but I must add that Jerkstore and their The Road Ends has been a positive surprise on my part and an album that I will probably return to at some later date as I really liked it. A really good rock album, well worth looking into.




Label: Angry Earthling
Three similar bands: Soundgarden/Smeer/Metallica
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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